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    Anyone else use the THB Bury car kit, in this case for GSM networks? I've had mine for a little while now, and while overall I like it, it certainly isn't perfect.

    The design is pretty neat, in that you have the base TrendTalk kit which accepts many cradles for many types of phones. They even have a BlueTooth module for when that'll be useable.

    The Treo 600's cradle is pretty darn big, which makes it hard to place inside a car without interfering with the passenger's leg room. It pretty much swallows the phone, kinda like a baseball catcher's mitt swallows the baseball. This leads to the single most annoying thing about this -- the ring does NOT come through the TrendTalk's speakers! Since the cradle muffles the phone's speaker, it's nearly impossible to hear the ring.

    Handspring support tells me this is by design, but it's gotta be a software fix. I haven't heard of any updates yet. And that blurb that says the stereo will be muted when you get an incoming call? Nope. It may work that way on *some* cars, but definitely not mine.

    Its echo cancellation is what I've come to expect from any car kit -- not nearly as good as they claim. I have to have the call volume fairly low, which makes it hard to hear the other person with significant road (or, in this case, heater) noise.

    Overalll, the kit's no worse than any of the others I've had, but that lack of ring really bites.
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    I recently had a THB Bury carkit fitted by Orange (UK) for my Tre 600.

    I have been shocked by the poor design and performance of the unit... specifically:

    1. The sound quality is appaling... I previously had a Nokia 6310 and this was crystal clear... The treo unit is tinny and of poor quality.

    2. Echo...echo... echo... callers are constantly commenting on the echo on the line...

    3. When I eject my Treo from the cradle the sim card pops out every time.

    4. The unit doesn't always fully engage so sometmes callers' voices don't some through the speaker.

    So... overall a very disappointing product... If it weren't or the facility to pick up e-mails on the Treo I'd go back to the Nokia...


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    I had some of your problems, but there are solutions to them. This is all moot once the 650 comes out, since the "catcher's mitt" adaptor won't work with the new phone, but:

    1) Can't comment on sound quality. Works fine for me, but I may have low expectations.

    2) I had severe echo problems until I upgraded my phone's firmware a few months back. As with any car kit, the placement of speaker and microphone are key here (I have the mic pointed away from the speaker as much as possible). I, too, was disappointed in the much-hyped echo cancellation features. I don't think they exist in the kit itself.

    3) It takes getting used to how to put the phone in. I find it best to loosely seat the phone so that the little hook is just over the antenna, and the phone is fully inside the cradle, then I push it down to engage. I've never had the non-engagement problem if the phone inserts correctly (takes little to no force from the first step, above).

    Once I get a Treo 650 I'm going bluebooth, though. Will have to change my charging habits, but that's minor.

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