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    How can i dark the screen ?
    What is sandman ?

    Can you explain me the way to dark the screen during a phonecall ?
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    Sandman for the Treo 600

    From the above url:

    Sandman is a program for the Handspring Treo 600 that allows you to turn the screen off while on a call. This program works best when mapped to one of the hard buttons (or alternates) and manually run after initiating a call. When you want the screen to turn back on simply activate the screen as normal.

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    Do NOT map Sandman to your Power hard key or you will not be able to turn your screen back on without being creative.
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    Sandman has been iffy for me, sometimes blocking the sound as well as turningn off the screen, even though my system sounds are on. It will always block the sound if your general prefs have the system sound turned off, which is too bad because I donn't like the beeps and clicks of the system! I have also tried CoolDA and Off-It and have had problems with those blocking the sound too. Someday someone will create a program that will turn off the screen 10-30 seconds after a call starts. Until then, play with Sandman, Off-It and CoolDA and see if any do the trick for you.

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