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    Hello, Chatterers.

    Well, there's good news and bad news on the Yahoo front.

    The good news is that Yahoo is up and running again on Chatter's "new server". The bad news is that very few of you are running on the new server!

    Basically, this Yahoo change caught me during Chatter's planned server migration (as described in the last mailing). The plan (past and present) was to move everyone over to the new server by next Wednesday. The problem is that I probably can't move that up to be any sooner than this coming Tuesday.

    So where we're left is that most Chatterers will be without Yahoo until next Tuesday due to the unfortunate combination of the Yahoo change and the server migration.

    For anyone that has a critical need for Yahoo before that time, I can set you up manually with an account on the new server (which, as I said, is working fine with Yahoo already) and get you going. Just send me an email at

    Sorry about this! Once we're all running on the new server, we should always be able to get services up and running as quickly (or more quickly) than "the other guys".


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    how's it going with the conversion?
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    Should be done this afternoon. Shoot me an email and I'll reply with a new rev you can use... What rev are you using now?

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    Does this inclued the few of us who are using Chatter for Treo 300? :-D Thanx!
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    The new hardware is now up and running. Once the DNS updates have reached your end of the Internet, and you've downloaded the new version of Chatter, you'll be on the brand new server! Yahoo is working fine, all users have been migrated over.
    Jeremy Howard
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    Treo 300 users are "stuck" on the old server for the time being. I'm working on a few options for migrating those to the new server as well.


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