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    I was lucky enough to be in San Diego all week, and I had the same problem. Strangely, the mail clients worked when the browser failed.

    I am currently being plagued by a combination of the "Network Search" problem and the "Won't recharge fully" problem so I just thought it was my device and not the network.

    Gotta love compound problems...sheesh.

    Sprint needs to get their S*&t together.
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    i have been getting this error since saturday...
    will call a rep later on.
    i'm in miami
    snapper and verichat work fine.
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    Originally posted by dmrfresh
    If anyone hears anything from a rep, keep us informed - I'm having the same problem. Its odd that its only an issue with webpages, not with other web-accessing apps.
    I have been in the same boat for the past week to 10 days... and also in the DC area. The weirdest thing (as others have said) is that it sometimes only happens in Blazer.... when WebProV and Xiino connect just fine. E-mail and VeriChat have given me ZERO problems.
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    Problems again in CT tonight. It's working now, but was out or slow most of the evening. Tonight my wife decided she wanted to switch to a Treo from her i500. I made the switch tonight after picking up a new Treo. Her browsing was working fine while mine was not. It was only for 5 mins, then mine started working fine also.

    I am going to test it again tomorrow night, but if hers continues to work, I may swap out my Treo. Mine is only 2 weeks older (both rev C), so it does not seem like there should be a difference in the hardware (except her screen is brighter then mine!).

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    Also a problem in CT last night; however, I installed WebPro as a backup - for whatever reason, I can surf on WP even when Blazer is giving me a hard time.

    So at least I have a backup browser, although I much prefer Blazer due to WebPro's problem displaying graphics.
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    What is really strange is that my wife's Treo 600 has worked every evening, even though mine has had issues every evening. I even replaced my Treo with a new one, but I am still having slow connections or can't even connect at all most evenings.

    I also find it strange that people are able to use other browsers when Blazer is not working. Why would one Treo work and the other not? Is anyone getting any info from Sprint tech support on this?

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    Worked fine last night and today, but not tonight. It's getting close to two weeks with these problems!

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    Still sporadic operation for me as well. What is unique about Blazer that causes it to fail, while other vision programs do not??
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    I just got off the phone with a supervisor in the Vision call center. It does not appear that they are working on this issue or even know about it.

    I would suggest that everyone with this problem call in and request that a trouble ticket be opened so they know how many people are effected.

    The Vision tech support number is 877-228-2257.

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    Wow....good to know i'm not the only person with this problem. All of the symptoms are exactly as described: works fine during the day but down in the evening/night, HTTP Error 403, and other web services / browsers working (in my case the HS Mail program and AvantGo).

    VERY Frustrating.....1st SMS and now this.
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    same thing in Kileen TX, WebPro works normal thoughh
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    I've been experiencing this in DC for over 2 weeks now!

    I've done hard reset, watch this board,and tried just about everything but am still having the problem most evenings with blazer, slow or nothing!

    Today I finally called a Sprint Vision Tech and had them open up a trouble ticket! Everyone who has been posting to this board or reads it with this problem please do this as well.

    At this point I think it's our only hope of bringing the problem to sprints attention. They really aren't aware of it and the tech I talked to although very nice couldn't suggest anything, but to get as many people to file trouble tickets as well.

    They say it takes about 5 days to get a ticket resolved, that' when I'm next calling back!

    So look up a few posts for the best number I know to contact Vision CS and let's got as many trouble tickets opened up on this problem till Sprint solves it!


    p.s. Although usually nights or evenings, my blazer connection has been spotty today as well. In fact didn't work at all when on the phone with the vision CS!
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    I had problems this past weekend NYC
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    Okay folks...I've been really annoyed at this whole problem myself. I like Blazer the most out of all browsers, yet its letting us down!

    So, I found an interesting website called on other threads and I decided to plug in one of the IP addresses in my Blazer proxy settings...

    It worked! Now I don't have to wait for Sprint-- try it yourself and see!

    Good luck,

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    I gave that a shot and it works, however I cannot get any Vision content (Home Page, CNN, Etc.) Either won't go through or gives me a forbidden access.

    So is this Sprints problem?

    Can anyone else use one of these proxy servers and still access sprint contect?

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    Sprint has content? Just kidding.

    Yeah, for me this is really a short term solution to let me browse while SPCS takes the next three months to "upgrade" Vision services...

    I wish mobile providers were as accountable for service interruptions as electric companies. Sheesh...haven't they heard of change control on weekends???

    Anyway, I think you're SOL if you want to use Proxy and surf SPCS sites, but the good news is that if you look hard enough, there are links to small sites for just about every news outlet that you would find on the Sprint pages...

    Besides CNN, what do you really get out of the Sprint pages?

    Just curious!

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    Holy crap dude...this is huge! Why hasn't anybody tried this before now? I thought people had tried the proxy thing and it didn't work...I've just been using patched Webpro when Blazer is down. This is much better if it's consistently solid. Screw Sprint and their crappy-a** content. Bravo!
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    Even huger (uhrr, more huge) picture mail still works just it's not all sprint vision related content.
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    This is a good temporary fix.

    Are all of us in the NE region of the US that are having this problem?
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    now in New York, same problem.... maybe time to trade in on a GSM/GPRS Treo....
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