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    I've tried Ptunes, and directly compared files on the treo vs my cheap MP3 player. With the Treo, whenever you try to push the bass or volume, sound quality goes way down. Sounds great on the MP3 player.

    I'm sure others have noticed this--is this a function of the hardware or the software? Might the RealPlayer be better?


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    IMO, I would not try to compare it with an MP3 player since this is a phone/pda. I don't think that the sound quality will improve with RealPlayer.

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    I don't think the treo has that great of an amplifier, if you really do enjoy cranking the music, you should look into making (or buying) a small AAA powered amp for the headphones.

    I've been considering this myself, as I could also rig it to be my adapter as well. But I'm sure it will be awhile before I get around to attempting such a project.
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    you know, to be honest with you I thought I remembered reading that pocket tunes doesn't have the greatest sound quality. I could be mistaken but I thought I read a while back that Aeroplayer had much better quality.

    That being said, I use PocketTunes anyway because of the Shoutcast support.
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    I tried Aeroplayer, same deal. Underpowered amp in the treo makes good sense, as it's most obvious when playing heavy bass tunes.

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