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    I used to own a Clie SJ-33... It was stolen, and I replaced it and my old n400 cell phone with my Treo 600. (obviously) I love the new phone...

    My questions relates to some of the software specifically written and distributed with my Clie... Has anyone tried installing programs written specifically for another device on a Treo, and see if they'd run??

    I'm speaking specifically of the Card Export program, the card backup program, etc. I know that there are programs available now to download and buy, and I'm 'trialing' some of those, but I don't want to spend the money if I already own the software.

    (Plus, the device, and the 256 SD card pretty much tapped my disposable "Extra" income for a bit)
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    I tried installing the Clie programs, and none of them work on the Treo, including the picture and music management programs and the card manager, and none work. time to surf this site and find replacement programs for what you need done (free replacements I use are JpegViewer for looking at pics, PocketTunes for mp3s, FileZ for moving programs to the SD card)

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