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    I am continually and sporadically getting an error message which says: "104 error message ... if this continues, please contact Sprint 0x7127" Needless to say, I contacted Sprint Tier 2 Tech Support and they referred me to the web. Nothing came up - has anyone had this issue and if so, how have you resolved it?

    thanks in advance ...
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    I'm getting the same thing...few times a day. Doesn't seem to affect the operation, but sure is annoying.
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    I have also just started receiving the same error message. It appears that it happens when it is polling through Vision but I can't tell which service might be causing these issues. I just installed Verichat and Chatter. Do either of you have these products installed as well? There may be some sort of protocol conflict with these apps. Thoughts?
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    I have neither Verichat nor Chatter installed. I do have SnapperMail installed. what about you?

    And, btw, I'm also getting a "106" error, as well at times.
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    These errors mean you could not sign into Vision service for data. I presume the Vision services are unavailable when you see this due to system failure, maintenance or too many users. In saturated areas, the system may run out of channels or IP numbers to assign for new connections.

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