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    I was at China Unicom, going through the process of getting local service for my Sprint Treo, when they hit me with this question:

    What is your IMSI?

    Does my CDMA phone have an IMSI? I thought only GMS phones had that.

    Before I start arguing in a foreign language, and having a 6,000 mile conversation with Sprint customer service, I wanted to check with you good people here.

    BTY, I couldn't get a signal in the store!
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    According to this site the IMSI is made up of:
    3 digit Mobile Country Code (MMC)
    2 digit Mobile Network Code (MNC)
    10 digit Mobile Subscriber Identificaion Code (MSIC)

    For Sprint, the MMC IS 310 and the MNC is 02.

    Something strange that I just discovered. My ESN decimal and hex are different! Type in your ESN hex and convert it to decimal, and you get a different number that what is listed on the phone!

    What is the MSIC for my phone? Is it the same as the MSID? Or is it the decimal ESN? Or something different?
    I have the world in my Palm

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