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    For some reason, the Free & Clear 300 plan on doesn't match the one on Will I be stuck with the (inferior) version posted on amazon if I order the phone through them?
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    When I bought thru Amazon, I signed up for this plan and that option. When I received my T600 and called Sprint for activation, I had to go thru the whole signup process again.

    So, in my experience it didn't make a difference what I had signed up for on Amazon. I seem to recall some paperwork that Amazon e-mailed me (or maybe on the website) that said basically the same thing. Can't get my hands on it right now.

    If you need me to find it, I'll see what I can do. Maybe someone elso here can confirm.
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    Have a look at:

    I have had the same experience as Blue Merlin
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    Originally posted by dbouchon
    Have a look at:

    I have had the same experience as Mordeloth
    Thanks for the info.

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