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    Just stumbled upon this link to test wireless speed on mobile devices...

    On my Sprint Treo 600, in Tampa, FL, using the 100k file option, my speed is 75-85 kbit/sec (after 3 tests). I cleared my Web Memory Cache between tests (don't know if necessary though).

    This is a great tool to compare carriers and locations!
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    GSM, TMobile
    Speed: 40kbit/sec
    Firmware 2.08
    Software: 1.09-INT
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Time: 21:44 CST
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    GSM, TMobile
    Speed: 26kbit/sec
    Firmware 2.08
    Software: 1.06-CNG
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Time: 20:00 PST
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    84kbit / sec
    One Signal Bar
    Software: Treo 600-1.0-SPR
    Location: Miami, FL
    Time: 23:00 EST
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    Sprint Treo 600, in Houston,Texas, at 10.25pm
    72 kbytes/second
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    I got

    91 kbit/sec

    3.024s latency

    11.777s d/l time

    Ann Arbor, Michigan 11:45 pm 1/9/2004

    100k speedcheck

    Four bars signal strength

    Thanks for reading and see you out there.

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    T-Mobile VPN

    T-Mobile Internet


    4 signal bars
    Software: Treo 600-1.6-CNG
    FirmWare: 2.02
    Location: San Bernardino County, CA
    Time: 8:43 - 8:57 pm (Pacific Standard)
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    Tallahassee Fl
    83 Kb/sec
    3 Bars
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    88 kbit/sec

    2.616s latency

    11.441s d/l time

    New Orleans, LA 70118 10:50pm
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    Cool site.

    Tried 100k....

    unstable/too fast a result (0.55s) please choose a larger file.


    unstable/too fast a result (0.797s) please choose a larger file

    Weird huh?

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    Sprint CDMA

    Philadelphia with three bars.

    101 kbit/sec

    3.226s latency

    11.14s d/l time
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    I get "unstable/too fast a result (0.068s) please choose a larger file. What am I doing wrong?
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    seattle, wa
    1 bar
    90 kbit/sec
    2.857s latency
    11.661s d/l time

    100k test

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    50k test

    32 kbit/sec
    2.734s latency
    15.033s d/l time
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    Have you noticed a common problem? People using the Cingular branded T600 on the Tmo network seem to have slower data speeds. I wonder why?
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    Cingular - Chicago, IL via GPRS

    100k file with blazer

    firmware 2.02

    31k/sec 2.948s latency
    27.967 d/l time
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    Cingular - Chicago, IL via GPRS

    100k file with blazer

    firmware 2.02

    31k/sec 2.948s latency
    27.967 d/l time
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    Sprint - Ithaca, NY
    3 bars

    75 - 85 kbit/sec

    most recent test:

    75 kbit/sec
    2.763s latency
    13.351s dl/ time

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    Sprint CDMA
    San Jose, CA
    Time tested - 1:20am

    100k test with Blazer
    83 kbit/sec
    3.147s latency
    12.925s d/l time
    3 bars
    Software: Treo600-1.0-SPR
    Hardware: B
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    100K file
    88 kbit/sec
    2.919s latency
    11.625s d/l time
    Sprint PCS
    Brooklyn, NY
    3 bars signal strength
    (writing this email from my Treo)
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