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    I cleared the cache and re ran it but now everytime it says too fast.

    I live on the Highway and I have never had anything but the maximum bars but still that seems a little crazy.
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    Sprint (flash updated)
    Westchester County, NY
    2 Bars
    103 kbit/sec
    2.539s latency
    10.212s d/l time
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    Sprint Atlanta @2:00PM, 2 bars
    102 kbit/sec
    3.151 sec. latency
    10.966 d/l time
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    Sprint Atlanta @306pm 2 bars w/ 100k test
    86 kbit/sec
    2.658s latency
    11.386s d/l time

    never seen over 90, how do y'all get over 100 kbit/sec?
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    treo 600
    100 k test

    37 kbit/sec
    8.519s latency
    23.294s d/l time
    edison /NJ ( 3bar ignal strenth)
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    Sprint PCS
    full Bars
    92 kbit/sec
    2.713s latency
    11.148s d/l time
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    Sprint in Richmond, VA on T600
    100k test
    90 Kbit/sec
    2.082s latency
    10.835s d/l time

    up to 97 kbit/sec
    2.712s lat
    10.894s d/l time
    at 3 bars
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    Scanning through the thread there are quite a few Sprints at 100k with the latest 1.20 firmware. Of course the load on the server and net in general can have a big effect on speeds. I just did another test and only got 41.
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    AT&T Wireless
    Manchester, NH
    Treo 600
    100k test

    2.435 latency
    23.3 sec dload time
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    Sprint PCS
    From Folsom, CA
    200k test file

    2.112s Latency
    23.792s D/L time

    Software Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Hardware Rev C.
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    Treo 600
    100k file
    83 kbit/sec
    2.743s latency
    12.107s d/l time
    Marlboro, MA
    06/11/04 3:45PM
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    AT&T Wireless, San Jose, CA, 4 bars:
    38 kbit/sec
    2.734s latency
    23.35 d/l time

    Looks like that is average for GSM, not surprisingly, CDMA is more than twice as fast.
    Treo 750 and iPhone.
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    In Commerce, CA (outside of LA city limits) inside a building I got 37 kbit/sec on my first attempt. 2.471s latency and 23.734s d/l time.
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    Los Angeles, CA
    2 bars
    88 kbit/sec
    3.005s latency
    11.796s d/l time

    100k test
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    Sprint CDMA Treo 600

    Software: Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Location: Montgomery, AL
    Web Browser: Blazer
    Day of week: Friday
    Time of day: 2:45pm - 3:00pm

    Average speed from the following tests: 91kbit/sec

    Test 1:
    Signal Strength: 100%
    Speed: 94kbit/sec
    Latency: 2.768s
    D/L time: 11.206s

    Test 2:
    Signal Strength: 25 - 50%
    Speed: 96kbit/sec
    Latency: 2.577s
    D/L time: 10.837s

    Signal Strength: 50%
    Speed: 91kbit/sec
    Latency: 2.605s
    D/L time: 11.346s

    Signal Strength: 25%
    Speed: 83kbit/sec
    Latency: 2.658s
    D/L time: 12.101s
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    GSM, TMobile (free WAP GPRS)
    Speed: 22kbit/sec
    Firmware 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.12-ROW
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Time: 13:04 PST
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    Sprint CDMA
    Speed: 82kbit/sec
    3 Bars
    Software: 1.20 SPR
    Location: New York
    Time: 4:15PM EST
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    Sprint PCS
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri
    Time: 3pm w/ 3 bars

    84 kbit/sec
    3.113s latency
    11.826s d/l time
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    100k file
    36 kbit/sec

    3.563s latency
    25.268s d/l time

    GSM, Cingular network
    Firmware 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.12-CNG
    Hardware: B

    Location Burlingame, CA
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    100k file
    2.632s latency
    11.25s d/l time
    Houston, TX (downtown, full signal strength)
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