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    100K file
    97 kbit/sec
    2.378s latency
    10.579s d/l time
    Sprint PCS
    Greensboro, NC
    3 bars signal strength
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    100k file
    35 kbit/sec
    2.823s latency
    25.486s d/l time
    T-Mobile T-Zones
    4 bars
    Chicago, IL/West Loop

    Firmware: 02.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B

    - cb
    copper treo 680/t-mobile
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    100k file
    83 kbit/sec
    2.508s latency
    12.082d/l time
    3-4 bars
    Thousand Oaks, CA
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    Yea, from a simple glance over Sprint seems to be kicking **** to the tune of double the others.

    This pleases me.
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    71 kbit/sec
    3.025s latency
    25.429s d/l time
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    Sprint PCS in Cleveland OH
    100 k file
    95 kbit/sec
    2.63s latency
    10.558s d/l time

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    AT&T GSM
    Fairfax, VA
    2.639s latency
    3 bars signal strength

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    Sprint PCS in San Francisco, CA
    100 k file
    82 kbit/sec
    2.63s latency
    12.305s d/l time
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    i did the update after sprint sms`d me. thank god, no problems! i bury my hatchet, greenberg!

    speed test

    100 kbit/sec

    2.723s latency

    10.656s d/l time

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    Sprint PCS- NY NY
    1.2 Firmware

    104 kbit/sec
    2.457s latency
    10.149s d/l time
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    North of Houston
    4 bars
    Three attempts

    28k 27K 30L
    Latency 2.223 2.282 2.367
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    100K file
    60 kbit/sec
    2.7s latency
    15.86 s d/l time
    South Denver metro area
    Sprint Service
    3 bars

    Also tried this on a Sanyo 8200 PCS phone to compare:
    100K file
    Sprint Service
    43 kbit/sec
    4.4 s latency
    21 s d/l time

    Was hoping my slow access speed was due to the built-in Treo browser. Guess that's not the case
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    Cingular - Orlando, FL
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    t-mobile - Orlando
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    Sacramento CA

    100K test

    104 kbit/sec
    2.733s latency
    10.383s d/l time

    2 bars
    Software: Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Hardware: B
    Truth is good, knowledge is power and it's the second mouse who gets the cheese
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    it is very slow with TMO in So cal. 100k. i get 1kbit / sec. what the pho... sigh
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    102 kbits/sec


    seems to be improving!
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    multiple test results

    102 kbits/sec
    100 kbits/sec
    106 kbits/sec !!!

    sprintpcs in new jersey.
    B hardware
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts
    Sprint has a faster data network than the GSM (ATT, TMO, & Cingular). But it also makes the Sprint Treo 600 run thru its battery faster. This is a known fact, u can probably find something about it on palmone's website
    Agreed. Sprint CDMA is going to be about twice as fast and all this thread shows that. For those of us that travel, CDMA isn't an option (since the ROW uses GSM). And I doubt the ROW will somehow decide CDMA is better and switch their network. I just traveled with someone to London and their Sprint phone said in the hotel in a bag while I had perfect connectivity.

    It will be real interesting to see what happens to CDMA technology over time.
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    82 kbit/sec

    3.057s latency
    12.763s d/l time.

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