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    Sprint, South Florida
    4 bars!

    100k test
    93 kbit/sec (That a record?)
    2.446s latency
    11.008s d/l time

    200k test
    53 kbit/sec (??)
    2.778s latency
    32.589s d/l time
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    Boy, what a TIMELY post. I've noticed over the past few days my Sprint Treo has been dragging serious tail when trying to access the web.

    Just last night it took over 2 minutes to sync my POP3 account, which contained all of 5 text-only messages. I think the total was around 75K. Not good at all.

    I presumed that Sprint may have been doing some maintenence on their network this weekend, but the slow sppeds continued today. I just ran across this post and gave it a try. The results are pretty horrible:

    6 kbps (YES, 6.0 kbps!)

    2.89 latency

    I performed the test several times. Each test yields the same results. I currently have all 4 signal bars as well!

    I've done a system reset, as well as flushing Blazers cache, but these haven't affected the performance. I'm in Michigan, just 40 miles south of Detroit.

    Any thoughts? Do these results warrant a call to Sprint? I think they obviously do, but I'm anticipating the same old "we don't guarantee bandwidth" argument.

    I was also considering a hard reset, but I'm not sure that will help. I have only 3rd party PIM apps installed, with ZERO hacks. In fact, I have over 10 MB remaining on the device. That includes several LARGE e-books.

    Any opinions would be appreciated. As of right now, wireless email is pretty useless.
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    sprint cdma
    100 k test

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    I did the test five times, and got


    not bad!

    Toecutter, maybe your Treo needs a software upgrade? I would call Sprint....that speed is definitely not what you should expect! Or live with!
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    Mobile speed test
    Sprint CDMA

    216 kbit/sec - uhm. . . . right
    4.035s latency
    7.962s d/l time

    181 kbit/sec
    .558s latency
    9.379s d/l time

    using webpro. . . are these scores even doable? looks like webpro is caching or something.

    anyway, got 127kbit/sec at home using pdanet
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    Can't get higher than 55k with 4 bars in the Long Beach, CA area.......any suggestions to increase speed? I have Sprint. Does that "PRL update" work? I already have "10021."
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    a prl update only effects voice roaming capability. Should have zero effect on 1xrtt speed.

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    I was getting 80's-90's with Sprint during the day but only in the 30's around 8:00 at night. I might try it a few more nights and see if it's consistently slower at that time.
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    Sprint in Cambridge, MA (Boston)

    Alternating between one and two bars.
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    Nice find on the speed test!

    Nokia 6600, T-Mo in Miami
    3 out of 6 bars signal

    20 - 25 kb on average after MANY repeats. Results do seem to vary with selected test size. Most reliable here seems to be with the 100k download.

    I've been reading this board for months in anticipation of the T600 for T-Mo. Gave up and got the 6600 (Suh-weet BTW). Anyone want to buy the serial number from my T180?

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    Northern CA
    100k test

    30-38 kbps last night
    50-56 kbps tonight

    1-2 bars signal strength
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    Originally posted by BaltimoreTreo

    If you compare the specs section of the Handspring site you'll see it says that the Sprint version has up to 4 hours talk time and the GSM version has up to six hours. So yes, Sprint users do pay for the speed in battery life. That was the reason why my firm decided to standardize on the GSM version (specifically T-Mobile) but I think this is a personal choice. My own humble opinion is that the GSM unit is a better business device - because of battery life and international use - while the Sprint is a better personal/entertainment device - primarily because of speed.
    In my business, speed is more important then battery life. time is money, and so is reliabilty.

    PCS Vision or 3g is said to be twice as fast as the gprs or 2.5 g networks in the states.These current posted tests, however accurate ,seem to suggest this as well. Battery life is not an issue at all with CDMA/Treo 600. I don't speak 4 plus hours a day on my cell phone thankfully. I run the 600 all day without coming close to needing a recharge. PSC Visions plan is a great deal less expensive as well for data transfer.

    I had GPRS through ATT and a Tungsten W. For me, PCS has been far superior in speed and reliability.

    Although I have some issues with qc on the 600, I really don't see a better all around combination then a 600 on PSC Vision.

    If you travel overseas the gp network is your only choice between the two. If you don't, I would highly recommend CDMA/ PCS Vision for business or pleasure.
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    Wouldn't work for me at all in blazer. Had to use WebPro.

    4 bars
    200k test

    60kb (did 2 more times and lowest was 53)
    latency 2.20

    How are people getting this site to work with Blazer?
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    Cingular WAP dial up service in Las Vegas, NV (4 bars)

    3.719s latency
    144.85s d/l time
    50k test
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    100K file
    sprint cdma
    Albany, Oregon
    74 kbs (got 98kbs when I opted to not download images)
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    SprintPCS (South Florida)

    2.803s latency
    18.239s d/l time

    1 minute later:

    3.177s latency
    12.492s d/l time
    miller time....

    I'll post from Tampa tomorrow......
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    6 kbit/sec

    On 50k and 100k tests..

    2 Signals bars.

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    9.2s latency
    37.19s d/l time
    3 bars

    Ventrua County, CA
    9:16pm - 1/13/04
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    Originally posted by ravic
    Have you noticed a common problem? People using the Cingular branded T600 on the Tmo network seem to have slower data speeds. I wonder why?

    This is not a problem, it's "by design." Sprint runs 1xrtt which is much faster than Cingulars solution - not sure what singular uses, but I know it's not CDMA. The speed gap is only going to get worse as the carriers roll out their real 3g data networks.

    We're almost up to the 100-225kbps Ricochet speeds I used to get. At least the coverage is a lot better and the form factor much more portable than what I used with Ricochet.
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    Treo 600


    Warren, MI
    3 bars
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