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    Testing from St. Charles IL. West Suburban Chicago area. Sprint PCS Treo 600.

    1st test 1:55 pm CST
    98 kbps/sec
    2.072s latency
    10.174s d/l time

    2nd test 2:00 pm CST
    65 kbps/sec
    2.008s latency
    10.287s d/l time
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    sprint, treo 600, 55k, 2.6 latency (ick!), 17s dl, 4bars, corvallis OR
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    Quote Originally Posted by driddle
    Agreed. Sprint CDMA is going to be about twice as fast and all this thread shows that. For those of us that travel, CDMA isn't an option (since the ROW uses GSM). And I doubt the ROW will somehow decide CDMA is better and switch their network. I just traveled with someone to London and their Sprint phone said [sic: stayed] in the hotel in a bag while I had perfect connectivity.

    It will be real interesting to see what happens to CDMA technology over time.
    Well this is interesting topic and should probably be moved to new thread.

    couple of points to be made
    1) the world is not just Europe and USA. In fact, the 4 most populous countries in the world all use CDMA (India, China, Indonesia, USA).

    2) there are 200 million CDMA users according to

    3) on my last trip back from UK to Chicago, I started chatting with guy who was in Europe for the sole purpose of telco who's thinking about starting CDMA network in the UK. He would NOT tell me the company (NDA) I got the impression it was not USA-based company. He thought they had deep pockets. Anyone with the journalist bent willing to dig up some news on this?

    for full disclosure
    I do travel to London. I do have T600 Sprint for the faster speed. When in London I use my T600 as PDA (so does not stay in the bag) and use Orange pay as you go phone. Not perfect solution but for me works. Even if my T600 worked in the London, I'd probably be to cheap to pay roaming costs and still have Orange pay as you go phone.

    just some thoughts
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    Location: Austin TX
    Time: 4 PM
    Signal: 2-3 bars
    Service: Sprint
    Software: Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Hardware: C

    90 kbit/sec
    2.52s latency
    11.388s d/l time
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    I've not done the speed test. However, I did conduct my own personal real world test recently. I'd thought I'd share the results.

    My brother-in-law just got a T600 on T-Mobile. I own T600 on Sprint.
    On recent visit to my brother-in-law's house, I conducted the following tests holding both phones next to each other - not scientific - interesting anyway.

    Blazer web browser test
    Surf with Blazer built-in browser to and www.accuweather (mobile page). Winner T-Mobile by hair - could just be reflex time; however it seemed to be repeatable.

    PDAnet test
    Load trial version of PDAnet on to T-mobile. I have PDAnet on Sprint
    T-Mobile 57.6K - not really much use to me; Sprint 145k - useful speed.
    winner in Sprint.

    one item discussed in other threads that surprised me at first was why does PDAnet get faster speeds than other tests. I think the answer is simple: the CPU of laptop is much faster than CPU of Treo 600 - hence the bottleneck switches from the phone to network.

    Download of Excel spreadsheet XLS file of 29K
    T-Mobile - still waiting - basically just stalled.
    Sprint - ah - now I know why I put up with Sprint - download finished in few seconds (I forgot to time it - since it was no contest) - Winner - Sprint in landside.

    my conclusions
    If you want to surf or get basic emails - then GSM is fine. If want email with attachments or PDAnet - then Sprint only way to go for the time being.
    Palm Pre and a nice collection of Treos: 755p, 700, 650, 600, 300 and Palm Pilots, Visors, and Sony Clie
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    Location: Austin TX
    Time: 4:35 PM
    Signal: 3-4 bars
    Service: Sprint
    Software: Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Hardware: C

    106 kbit/sec
    2.655s latency
    10.139s d/l time
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    Cingular St.louis MO 4:30 pm
    28 Kbit/sec
    1.793s Latency
    30.309sd/l time
    Firmware 03.05
    Software Treo600-1.12-CNG
    Hardware B
    GPRS Full Signal
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    Sprint PCS
    San Diego, CA
    48 kbit/sec
    2.747s latency
    18.972 d/l time
    4pm PDT
    3 bars signal
    1.2 firmware
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    Being that I travel to china every couple of months, and swap for a local chinese sim card, I'd have to stick with gsm, it's standardized worldwide.
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    it looks like for sprint users, the average range of data transmission is from 90 to 105 kbits per second.

    a few will report burst speeds of up to 120 or 147 kbits per second, but this is not the norm.

    so id say THE average is 100 kbits/ second for sprint
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    Sprint PCS
    Brooklyn, NY
    1.2 firmware, hardware C
    91 kbit/sec
    2.694s latency
    11.29s d/l time
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    6/14/2004 2 bars of signal, SprintPCS, Hardware C, 1.20-SPR

    22:26 100k test 90 kbit/sec 2.489s latency 11.341s d/l time
    22:28 100k test 50 kbit/sec 2.662s latency 18.385s d/l time
    22:30 100k test 30 kbit/sec 2.938s latency 28.884s d/l time
    22:33 100k test 67 kbit/sec 2.669s latency 13.646s d/l time
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    W suburban Chicago - Sprint:
    96 kbit/sec

    2.786s latency
    10.914s d/l time.
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    This is what I got on my Treo 600 Sprint model from San Mateo, CA with apparent best reception (all bars on) for a 100k file:

    Attempt kbit/sec
    1. 82
    2. 106
    3. 69
    4. 58
    5. 66

    Latency is about 2.9 s
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    Treo 600 on Sprint PCS
    63132-Olivette, MO (outside of St. Louis
    3am 3 bars
    80 kbit/sec

    2.652s latency
    12.542s d/l time.
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    Treo 600
    39 kbit/sec
    1.96s latency
    23.375s d/l time
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    Treo 600

    Orange UK

    12:05 pm

    38 Kbit/sec

    2.188s latency
    23.197s d/l time
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    2.618 latency
    71.962s d/l time

    2 bars

    the best I can get is 17Kbit/s

    using standard browser that comes with the phone and have the latest firmware update.
    Why is my result so bad?
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    Sprint Treo 600
    Speed: 103kbit/sec
    2.395s Latency
    10.155s D/L time
    Location: Suffolk, Virginia
    Time: 08:10 EST
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    t-mobile treo 600
    speed: 36 kbit/sec
    3.042s latency
    24.876s d/l time
    location: chicago, west side
    time: 9:27 AM CDT
    copper treo 680/t-mobile

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