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    After looking over the results it appears that the Treo 300 has much faster speeds than the 600. Must be the proxy making the difference. It shows that speed really has nothing to do with the processor speed. The processor speed probably has something to do with how fast the pages render.
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    Treo 600
    100k file
    4 bars/signal
    36 kbit/sec
    1.852s latency
    23.635s d/l time

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    Treo 600
    North Carolina
    2.61s latency
    15.793s d/l time

    Cleared Browser cache and ran again
    106 kbit/sec
    2.727s latency
    10.135s d/l time

    It appears results may vary...........
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    Treo 600 - SprintPCS
    Fairfax, VA

    All 3 tries within 5 minutes of each other:

    67 kb/s
    2.912 lat
    14.721 sec d/l

    80 kb/s
    2.913 lat
    12.825 sec d/l

    76 kb/s
    3.44 lat
    13.204 sec d/l

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    Treo 600
    Sprint PCS
    Firmware: 1.20

    100k file
    3 bars/signal
    94 kbit/sec
    2.708s latency
    11.158s d/l time

    Coral Gables, Florida
    Saturday, 12 June 2004 12:39 PM
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    Sprint treo 300
    Norwich, CT

    file size: 100k bits
    speed: 155 - 197 kbit/sec consistantly
    signal strength - one bar
    0.251s latency
    4.712s d/l time
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    The missus is buying bathing suits in Lord and Taylor. I'm waiting!

    Two bars
    Treo 600
    Sprint CDMA
    200 bytes
    63 KBPS
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    software: treo600-1.20-spr
    hardware: b
    2- to 3-bar strength

    5k file
    too fast for test

    50k file
    to fast for test

    100k file
    112 kbit/sec
    2.791s latency
    9.824s d/l time

    2.603s latency
    26.752s d/l time

    2nd test w 200K
    74 kbit/sec
    2.627s latency
    24.216s d/l time
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    SprintPCS Treo 600 - Revision C - spr-1.20
    RSSI Value (aka signal strength): -88 (2-3 bars)

    100k file - test 1
    85 kbit/sec
    2.579s latency
    11.923s d/l time

    100k file - test 2
    83 kbti/sec
    2.64s latency
    11.708s d/l time

    100k file - test 3
    82 kbit/sec
    2.674s latency
    12.155s d/l time
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    Sprint Treo 600
    Hardware Rev. C
    Firmware 1.2
    2-3 bars service
    Dayton, OH

    100k File
    99 kbit/sec
    2.581s latency
    10.202s d/l time.
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    T600, T-mobile:
    Firmware: 3.05, software: Treo600-1.12-ROW
    100k test with Blazer
    2.424s latency
    23.201s d/l time
    11:13am, Sat 12 June. Oakland, CA
    4 bars signal strength
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    Orange UK / Treo 600 results (fairly poor signal area, 2 signal bars)...

    21 kbps
    2.093s latency
    39.285 d/l time
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    37 kbit/s
    1.997s latency
    23.182 dl (100k)

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    100k file
    2.689s Latency
    10.204s d/l time
    CDMA, Sprint
    Speed: 104kbit/sec
    Software: 1.20-SPR
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Time: 15:44 ET
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    Treo 600
    100Kb test
    2.599s Latency
    11.099s d/l time
    CDMA, S94kbit/sec
    Software: 1.20-SPR
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Time: 14:20 PM
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    Treo 600
    Hardware Rev. C
    Firmware 1.20
    1 bar of service
    Jacksonville, IL (middle of nowhere)

    100k File
    94 kbit/sec
    2.888s latency
    11.309s d/l time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jesterjo
    Is that really true? I'm certainly no expert, but from what I've read on this forum, I understand that in practical terms the current crop of both CDMA and GSM phones work pretty much the same way: If data is actually flowing (i.e the arrows are green), calls will get forwarded to voicemail. If the arrows are gray, the phone will ring. Anyone confirm or deny that?
    Just did some tests...

    Active data, green arrows blinking away - call goes right to voicemail. BUT! If you leave a voicemail the "New Voicemail" indicator pops up immediately, even while the arrows are green. So for me, if someone important is trying to get ahold of me I *will know* that someone just left me voice mail and I could call them back immediately.

    Arrows grey, browsing a web page, call goes through and the phone rings. Can answer or ignore and go back to browsing.
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    Sprint (San Jose, CA)
    93 kbit/sec
    2.436s latency
    10.996s d/l time
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    34 kbits/sec tmo
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    Dallas, Sprint PCS 96kbps full bars

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