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    TIME 19.30
    1.12 software version
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    treo 600 100kbit/sec 1st try
    97 2nd
    96 3rd try
    newark/elizabeth, nj
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    Treo 600
    106 kbit/sec
    2.517s latency
    10.001s d/l time
    Cincinnati, OH
    Two bars
    8 pm
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    190 kbit/sec
    0.175s latency
    4.373s d/l time

    I used the 100k file on my (old) Sprint Treo 300 while riding the Amtrak Acela train in Northeast Philly.

    This was my best of four attempts ranging from 156-190 kbps.
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    36KB/S on PSC Wireless in Columbus Ga. PSC has EDGE which is three times faster than GPRS. I hope Palm adds EDGE support to their next model. This will make GSM as fast as the current CDMA results
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    Sprint (Treo 600)
    Prairie Village, KS
    8:26 pm CST

    Try #1:
    75 kbit/sec
    2.321s latency
    12.877s d/l time

    Try #2:
    74 kbit/sec
    2.558s latency
    13.286s d/l time

    Try #3:
    76 kbit/sec
    2.557s latency
    12.504s d/l time
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    Tmobile treo 600 speed test

    Test 1 7:30pm
    36 kbit/sec
    3.286s latency
    24.928s d/l time for 100K test

    Test 2 7:35pm
    31 kbit/sec
    3.95s latency
    54.726s d/l time for 200k test
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    I participated in the original speed survey, and was going to participate in this one too, but it doesn't look like that's possible with the Treo 300.

    The Blazer 2.1.1s2 browser on the Treo 300 (as well as the third-party Xiino browser, which I use more often) uses a proxy, so the actual HTTP client connecting to the site is the proxy, not the browser. EudoraWeb works without a proxy, but it can't download 100k worth of data (and for some reason even the smaller pages render as text/plain, where you see all the HTML tags literally). However, it looks like only the "latency" value (I'm getting around 0.156s with Blazer, which is unrealistically low) is based on the actual HTTP connection time.

    The "d/l time" figure seems to be based on a time differential between the request for the "test is in progress..." page and the request for the results page. The problem is that the page depends on JavaScript clicking the "click now!" link automatically. If it requires a human to click on the link, that introduces way too much error for the results to be very valuable. Worse, if I do try to click on the link manually as soon as it appears, I always get "unstable/too fast a result". I tried Xiino on the page to see if its JavaScript support would allow it to automatically go to the next page, but it did not.

    Does the Bmeter application used for the original survey work on the Treo 600? If so, I think that's the only way you're going to get non-bogus results.
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    34 kbit/sec
    2.477 s latency
    25.998 s d/l time

    San Ramon, CA
    7pm Friday
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    In Atlanta Georgia I had the following results with my Treo 600 on Sprint's network...

    3.082s latency
    13.723s d/ltime
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    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    Sprint PCS

    Test 1:
    97 kbit/sec
    2.529s latency
    10.463 download time

    Test 2:
    98 kbit/sec
    2.535s latency
    10.625s d/l time

    Test 3:
    55 kbit/sec
    2.556 latency
    17.089 d/l time

    Average Speed: 83.333333 kbit/sec
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    A. Webviewer,100K:
    85 kbit/sec
    0.0815s latency
    9.813s d/l time

    B Webviewer, 200K
    136 kbits/sec
    0.0745s latency
    11.813s d/l time

    C. Blazer, 100K
    36 kbits/sec
    2.9835 katency
    24.873s d/l time

    D. Blazer, 200K
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    12:55 pm

    100k test

    103 kbits/sec
    2.507 s latency
    10.253 s d/l time

    point pleasant, nj
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    Treo 600
    Sprint PCS
    2/3 bars signal
    100k file test on DSLreports

    94 kbit/sec
    2.476 latency
    10.872s d/l time

    Hope this helps!
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    S PCS
    New Firmware
    3/4 bars
    101 kbit
    2.516 latency
    10.343 d/l

    2 = 102kb
    3 = 108
    4 = 105
    5 = 106
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    38 kbps which is a very tpical GPRS result for me... also, I see so many results posted here which exceed the limitations of the respective networks' infrastructures--if these are tabulated, how credible could the results actually be?
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    santa barbara
    37 kbit/sec
    1.85s latency
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    Here are my results using a Sprint phone and v1.2 software.

    114 kbit/sec

    2.685s latency
    9.481s d/l time

    Chesterfield, Michigan

    p.s. is there a prize for the quickest time?
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    Sprint CDMA
    Fredericksburg, VA
    three (3) bars of signal
    2.726s latency
    10.203s d/l time
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    100k file
    Cingular in SFBay, CA
    T650 Unbranded w/Cingular

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