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    Has anyone ever received this error message when attempting to load a MS Offic type email attachment?

    I am using a Sprint Treo 600 with The Sprint Business Connection piece.

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    What is the type of the document? Word, Excel, PPT?

    Does it happen every time on the same document?

    Have you tried other document types?

    Answers to these quesitons will help quantify the problem as a one-off doc specific issue or more general failure.
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    It happens intermittently with MS Word or MS Excel files.
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    A few more quesitons...

    1. What is the OS / CPU / Memory of the machine with BCPE?

    2. Are these docs particularly large or small?

    3. What kind of cnetwork onnection is your BCPE on?

    I'm heading off down the path of things are taking to long to convert and it is timing out at some point maybe because either the docs are complex, machine may be underpowered or network may be slow. There have been spurious reports on and off of this happening but no concrete reasons since it does not seem to be document specific at least so far.

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