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    I know this has been discussed, but i never found a final consensus to have been determined.

    I never use the keyguard, but I still miss many alarms. I've tried all of the alarm programs I could find, but have had no luck thus far.

    My alarms appear to fail because I have Yahoo forward email notifications to my phone. So, if I'm asleep, the alarm won't sound if I haven't acknowledged an email alert. The alarm also won't sound if I haven't acknowledged a calander event. I could be wrong, but missed calls and/or voicemail notifications might also keep an alarm from sounding. It almost seems that any message that pops up on the screen and requires a click to dismiss, kills all of the alarm programs out there.

    If I want to use the Treo 600 as an alarm clock, I have to first turn off wireless mode and make sure nothing is scheduled to go off on my calander. This was not the case with my Treo 300.

    Is this a known problem? Is there any solution?
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    I use MegaClock and I have never missed an alarm. I like it so much and it works so well that I purchased it.
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    Mega Clock reportedly works well as the previous person commented.

    I have also been very pleased with the current version of Bob's alarm (2.07) which has been optomized for the Treo 600 and has overcome the technical sound glitch of the T600.

    It's inexpensive ($5) and it works very well. It only vibrates a few times but if not turned off vibrates again in 60 seconds. I would like to see them have a configuration for how long the alrm vibrates (i.e. 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds) but even without that I think you would probably find it acceptable.

    Give it a try:

    Bob's Alarm author interaction site

    It's a great little alarm program for those who are looking for one.


    p.s. just make sure you download it from the site (under downloads/beta) - retail sites are still carrying the old versions that do not work with the T600.

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