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    Anyone using Fidelity Anywhere on their Treo 600 to access their accounts and watchlists? I've been having lots of problems with it on my Sprint 600. Fidelity anywhere Tech support has not been able to help either. Problems are: Sometimes I can see balance of one account only and sometimes all accounts. There seems to be 2 different page layouts and it's random which one I get. Sometimes the watch list that comes up are not mine. Sometimes the correct watch list comes up. Sometimes the watch list says it's empty. I went into a Sprint store and tried another T600 with the same results. I tried it on some of the other Sprint phones and all my accounts were accessible. I tried it on a Treo 300 and all my accounts were accessible. So it's something with Blazer 3.0 and the T600. I tried deleting Blazer cache and web cookies and that didn't help either.

    Any suggestions?
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    Mine works fine. Call Fidelity Tech Support @ 800 544-7595. They're pretty good.
    Good Luck

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