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    did anyone reviewed the Pharos iGPS-SD (SD-based GPS) with a Treo600 ?
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    Have not found for sale with palm driver.

    igolftech is the only place that I have found taking preorder deposits
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    it is a SDIO device
    drivers should be included in the palm os software (mapopolis, fugawi...)
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    I don't think you'll find it with a Palm driver. I called Pharos and they indicated a commitment to Microsoft and Pocket PC. I have the Pharos SDIO GPS, but I had to buy a Pocket PC to go with it. I decided against IGolf because I preferred StarCaddy's (golf) course maps. They are awesome.

    The Igolf GPS, I think, is made by Matsumi, not Pharos. According to another thread (See SDIO) Treo Palm drivers for the IGOLF gps are now completed.
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    Did you find out anything about the Pharos GPS to use with your Treo 600?
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    Pharos's policy is to *not* support any Palm-based device for now. Don't hold your breath.

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