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    IMVHO, all of the Treo's text entry shortcomings have been addressed in one way or another, right?

    We have KeyCaps600 (superb, without equal and created by one of our own), Textras (replaces built-in shortcut tool and blows it away), and TextPlus (great app but has a few minor bugs and shortcomings here and there). With this trio and your Treo we've got the text entry thing down pat, right?


    We need TreoSelecText; at least that's what I'm calling it.

    There is still no way to select/highlight text without removing the stylus or struggling with a fat and/or stubby finger. And it's driving me nuts. (This issue has been posted recently in other threads.)

    I have proposed this new app to deal with this conspicuous omission on the part of HandSpring twice, once on this board and another directly to a developer, both of which came to nearly naught. I say "nearly" because the author of two Treo-specific utilities, TreoNavSet and VolumeRocker, took an interest in my proposal and wrote a quick app, though I never had a chance to test it. He claimed that it was very problematic and he could not get it to work properly. Then the trail went cold. So, I appeal again to this board.

    I was inspired to propose this by the amazing process of seeing KeyCaps600 evolve on the KeyCaps600 thread and by the two developers going back and forth using open-sourced code. Aside from a few very minor, almost imperceptible issues, KC600 behaves like a native Treo 600 app: totally indispensable, thanks to both metsfan and rwhitby.

    In fact, either or both of these SW artists would be ideal to create TreoSelecText, so I call on them in particular, though there are several others who could do this with their hands tied behind their backs.

    Here are some basic suggestions (for an initial beta) for keyboard operations of TreoSelecText:

    Highlight one word to right = shift +Rocker-right
    Highlight one word to left = shift+Rocker-left
    Highlight one line up = shift+Rocker-up
    Highlight one line down = shift+Rocker-down

    Sound familiar? Windows? Why not? Of course, this could be enhanced and added to over time, but at least this would get us the basics and put our thumbs and pens to rest.

    So, let's open-source this app. Upon first posting of a working beta, I will personally Paypal the developer $100. If there are two, they can split that 50/50. Similar nutty things have been done elsewhere; most recently over at Cliesource. After the initial release of the NX series, which had two expansion slots: MS and CF. Of course the CF was proprietary and could not function as a memory slot, only for Sony's exclusive WiFi card. Well that pissed Clie users off, including me, and we put together a Paypal fund to award the first developer to break the code. The code got broken, though it was not necessary to fork over the PayPal fund, and the money was refunded to all the donators. The point is that it got the developers to work. Now there are several CF drivers available that allow CF memory on the NX and NZ, including one by Sony. TreoSelecText is a much easier code to crack/create. It could be done in less than one day according to those I've spoken to.

    I urge others to promise their $ to his award, or at least promise to buy a reg code for say $5-$10. Iím happy (and crazy) to pay the big chunk.

    Sorry for the long post.
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    My NR70 Clie could select text in this way (actually, one letter at a time, instead of one word at a time)... it was very nice.
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    Here here! It really is the big black hole in Treo input as far as I'm concerned. I would gladly pay for such a utility.
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    One of the few significant weaknesses of the T600 that doesn't yet have a solution. I'll add $15 to the pot if and when a working version is available.
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    I soooooooooooooo miss this functionality from my BlackBerry ! I'll add $15.
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    This brings the pot to $130+.
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    I'll throw in $70 to make it an even $200!!
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    Played with the Sony PEG-UX50 today and it had the ability to select text via shift+dpad.
    I must say this is what the Treo definitely needs !!! (Or any other thumboard-focused device for that matter.)
    Can't believe how palmOne & Handspring managed to release one device after another and still leave this feature unimplemented (Tungsten W, Tungsten C, Treo180~Treo 600)...
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    There is a Hack called TreoKeyCntlHack by Garold Holladay ( that I use on my Treo90 that does most of what you are looking for. Could it be adapted for use in the 600?
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    I just emailed the programmer. Hope he responds positively!
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    count me in...$ of course any cost for the program

    but i am leery of hacks. could it be done as a proper program/utility? my understandinf is that hacks need a hack manager and tend to cause havoc with other hacks. but there is no question i want this functionality on my treo.
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    the programmer's email is inactive.
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    maybe someone can contact the guy who wrote sandman...the app that lets you blank the screen during a phone call. he wrote that for free and made it available on another thread on this board. maybe he will do the same for this and we can reward him him with a hopefully growing pot at paypal...
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    It's helpful to post the amount you would like to contribute (assuming you want to), because $ talk and the higher the pot the more likely it is we will get actually this app.

    This morning I again contacted the developer of ClockPop, VolumeRocker, TreoNavSet, etc., to see if would take another crack at TreoSelecText. His first shot did not result in a working beta. I haven't heard back yet.

    Someone should take the initiative and contact the SandMan author (?), Treo Profile author (milan) and the KeyCaps600 author (metsfan). Let's work together on this and let these developers know that the app is necessary and that there's an award (plus the cost of the program, if necessary)

    Keep those pledges coming in! We're at $215+. I'd like to get to $300 before the end of the week, and $500 by the end of next week. When we hit $250, I'll edit the subject to reflect the new total. (Sorry to sound like an NPR fund drive.)

    Keep his thread alive!
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    I will pledge $35 (in keeping with the NPR mention).

    Have you ever tried selecting text with any object through the plastic screen protector on the Covertec case? If so you would know why I am willing to pledge.

    However, I propose true Windows like functionality:
    Shift + Left Rocker = one letter per rocker push
    Ctrl + Shift + Left rocker = one word per rocker push
    *The Ctrl + Shift could be an alternate key instead of two.

    One question is how come Hspring put the finctionality to hold the shift key and backspace to delete entire word but stopped there?
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    The award is now at $250.

    Still hoping to make $300 by the end of the week.
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    well i was down for $15.00. might as well double it to $30.00...

    that should make it $265. total so far that has been pledged.

    is there anyway to let more people know that this is really important improvement for the treo? if we got just 50 people to kick in $5.00...that would be another $250.00
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    For a working app that does this I will donate $20.00. It would be great to have this function work on the Treo.

    Let's keep those donation pledges coming....
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    One $15.00 pledge and we will meet the end of the week goal of $300.
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