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    My phone speake just went out--- the speaker phone still works but I cant hear the other party thru the handset speaker..... I call HS and they said they know about this problem and they are going to send me a replacement ( which is on backorder, app 3 weeks, they say) What a royal pain--- but they said when they send me the new unit, I am to keep that one and send the old one back in..... (at least they don't have you get the repaired one back) advanced replacemant program---- Just a warning this just happened all of a sudden---- I noticed that when I press the phone # on the screen they werent making a clicking noise anymore, and they I couldn't hear the other party on the phone.... Not much I can do- other than wait

    PS: Damn good phone when it works!
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    Same thing happened to me. I'll be calling today.
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    Happened to me last week during a trip in Brasil. It was a royal pain, tokk me a while to understand what was happening!

    Send back the phone to Hanspring support in France, which shipped a new one the same day. Waiting for it....
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    Update- It tooks 5 business days to send me an advanced replacement t600. "they told me that they were on backorder and that it would take 3weeks" But to my surprize it just took 5 days! BTW Backup man is awesome! it took just a few minutes to restore the new phone
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    My first Treo suffered this same problem right out of the box. The local Sprint store replaced it no questions asked, although I had the phone for only a day.
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    I hope this isn't a pervasive problem. Mine works ok thus far. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    I had the same problem with mine it wasa c version waited two weeks for replacement from sprint , they were nice enough to give me a samsung i500 to use not a bad phone but nnot a treo
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    same thing hapen to me yesterday during a phone call

    They will send another one

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    It's an epidemic! Use your little earbud as a substitute!
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    Just happenned to me as well. It's dead just like described above; however, when I move the four-way selector during a call the speaker will briefly operate. In fact if I move it quickly enough, left-right-left-right, I can almost listen to a whole voicemail before I become bored and just go to speakerphone which works fine.

    This tells me that it may be a SW issue. So I did a hard reset - which didn't help at all. I'll be visiting a Sprint store in the next few days to get a replacement (yes I'll call ahead to make sure it's in stock).

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    Me too - intermittent outages and crackling - took 3 biz days and Sprint (after a single call to CS) sent replacement (brand new boxed phone) and the return package...not bad support (local Sprint stores ALL out of supply)
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    My wifes' first 600 speaker died within 2 weeks. It took 2 weeks to get a replacement. The second 600 was D.O.A. It would not hotsync. #3 is on the way.

    I have had my 600 since 12/15. No problems.

    My sister-in-law has had her 600 for 2 weeks. No problems.

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    mine just went as well, but sprint gave me a loaner phone and then my new treo arrived 2 days later. so it wasn't so bad.

    BUT it's still a defective product, which obviously i wasn't alone in having. what's up with the reliability of high end tech these days? spending more money used to mean you got a more reliable thing, now we just get flaky hardware and buggy software.

    raz .::.
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    What a pain in the ****. The speaker in my treo 180 died almost a year ago, which is why I've been so desparate for a treo 600. I can't believe the 600 suffers from the same problem!

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    Who did you all call: Sprint or Palm?
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    Call sprint.
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    I had the same problem. I picked up my replacement today.

    Good luck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennyfur
    What a pain in the ****. The speaker in my treo 180 died almost a year ago, which is why I've been so desparate for a treo 600. I can't believe the 600 suffers from the same problem!

    Are all of these posts related to Sprint phones? I see no mention of GSM...
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    I am on Sprint phone #4.

    1. Returned because of Network Search Problem (had it for 3 months without any problems)
    2. Returned because Ear Speaker went dead. (had for 4 months without any incident)
    3. Returned because Ear Speaker quality got very poor - crackling, buzzing, and callers were incomprehendable. (had for 3 days until problems started occurring.)
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    1st phone returned after 4 months due to dead ear-piece.

    2nd phone returned after 1 week due to dead ear-piece.

    3rd phone alive and well so far.

    Orange UK GSM model.
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