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    Quote Originally Posted by page3
    1st phone returned after 4 months due to dead ear-piece.

    2nd phone returned after 1 week due to dead ear-piece.

    3rd phone alive and well so far.

    Orange UK GSM model.
    An update!

    3rd phone: longest survival so far but died last week with the same dead ear-piece fault.

    4th phone DOA - speakerphone horribly distorted - hardware rev. 'B' I note, all the others were 'A'

    5th phone due to be delivered tomorrow.

    I HATE dealing with Orange
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    Another one bites the dust...

    Earpiece went out today. I can live with earbud and speakerphone 'till I go see sprint tomorrow but geeessh... I hope the 650 is built with better quality parts!!! thanks weebitobsessed!!!

    FYI--for anyone tracking:

    This was Sprint phone #2 (First one succombed to the dasterdly Network Search issue)
    Hardware Rev C
    Build Date: HBSAD3497 (which I think translates to 7th day of 49th week of 2003)
    Firmware 1.20

    Speakerphone and earbud both work.

    The 'move the 5way rocker' fix to listen to vm actually works for those who might have the same thing happen and are caught without an earbud--and can't use speakerphone for some reason)
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    my first treos speaker went toast as did the mic..kinda... only way i could talk and hear is by using the ear piece. my current treo's speakerphone has been getting exceedingly worse and i am told by most people that it sounds like i am in a blender and i went to sprint and got a slip that says i have a defective phone. now its just a matter of living without a speakerphone until i can replacement warranty this bad boy at Best Buy for the 650/Ace ^_^. I can live without perfect speakerphone for a while!
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    Damn, this just happened to my Verizon T600! I had it for about a month. Last night, I was using the phone normally, with the speakerphone, and with the headset; today, the phone only works with the headset. Actually, the mike on the phone works in all modes, but I can only hear through the headset. A soft reset did nothing to fix this. Is returning the phone the only solution?

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    hopefully this may help some of you - noticed that some folks said they had problem after using the earphone....

    Some earphone plugs have a 'disconnect' when you plug it in to cut out the speaker - sometimes this gets stuck and doesn't release when you pull the plug out.

    You might try re-inserting and removing the earphone a few times, tapping the unit, or gently probing with something?
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    I just did a hard reset with Verizon tech support - I'll be getting a new phone from them on Monday.

    The problem is definitely with the headset jack. Partially inserting the jack will enable the speaker and speakerphone; however, fully removing the headset jack will disable it.

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    Today I received a call and couldn't hear the caller - (the phone was in my pocket & vibrated.) I discovered the speakerphone didn't work, the handheld speaker didn't work - only the earpiece speaker worked. I've used the earpiece sparingly, but did use it last night for the first time in months - so I would agree that it is a cause of the problem. I did a hard reset and it seems to be working normally now. But I've also got the yellow-spot-on-the-central-part-of-the-screen problem, and as a result of those two issues I have gotten an "Advanced Exchange" coming form PalmOne. The new phone should be here in 7 to 10 days and then I ship the original back.
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    I never knew there were so many problems with the Treo600. Until recently, I've been so happy with my Treo600.
    But like the hordes of other people I've been plagued with a dead phone speaker. Now i must use my speaker phone or ear piece to make/take calls. What a let down this problem is. I've been so happy my my unit I even recommeded to all my friends and famly. Now I'm going to eat my words if they too suffer the same fate.

    The Treo600 was just too good to be true.
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