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    I'm debating whether or not to go with a dedicated case for the Treo 600 or going with the EGrips and G2 Screen protector solution. I'm using a RIM Blackberry case at the moment, so the Treo rides on my hip and slides in and out of the case, which would work well with the Egrips/G2 combo.

    Any thoughts?
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    For me, Boxwave screen protector + egrips + piel frama. I like to play it safe. I've broken enough screens in my day.

    My mantra: never play with your palm without proper protection
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    Does egrips make a non-dimpled version too?
    Treo 600 GSM
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    For my T600, I use e-grips w/G2 and a Belkin Belt Clip Swivel Pouch Leather case from my former T300 (still available @ $20). Fits just right.
    Good Luck
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    The only way to go is eGrips and Boxwave scren protectors! I like the feel that eGrips give and the "non-slip"benefit as well as the screen protection of Boxwave.

    No case ffor me I do not need anything except her hanging on my hip!!!

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