This is an old article, but gives a hint of a new Treo without a camera.

Companies Ask for Smart Phones without Cameras

By Ed Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
Nov 6, 2003

Almost all smart phones include a built-in camera. While this may make them more appealing to consumers, it makes them unacceptable to many businesses, who are worried about their trade secrets being stolen.

"We were just assuming that if you wanted a high-end phone, you'd want a camera on it, but that's not the case with the enterprise," a Verizon Wireless VP told eWEEK. When Verizon asked a board of CIOs, it found out that about half of them worked for companies that didn't allow cameras in the office.

This puts wireless carriers in a bind. On one hand, they want people to have cameraphones, as the carriers make money by allowing users to send each other pictures. On the other hand, they hope to sell large numbers of smart phones to big companies, many of whom won't buy devices with built-in cameras.

eWEEK is reporting that Samsung is working on a way to disable the camera in its i700 (pictured at right). But that isn't enough for many security-conscious companies. That's why Sprint PCS is in early talks with palmOne about creating a version of the new Treo 600 that completely lacks a camera.

Currently, some companies are turning to Research in Motion's BlackBerry line of smart phones, which are among the few that don't have cameras.

New Camera-lessTreo for Sprint.