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    Every time my Sprint T600 soft resets, it automatically signs on to Sprint's network thanks to TreoHelper. However, it signs on twice in succession everytime. What's causing this? Anyone else have this problem? I am also experiencing many soft resets through the day, mostly switching from Blazer to othe apps.
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    What other 3rd party apps do you have installed?
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    I have many apps installed...too many to list. Any way to import them into memo so I can do a copy and paste?

    From the lack of reponse, I gather I am the only one with this problem.
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    I have the problem too and too many third party apps to list.
    I am not sure what the problem is or why it's happening, but I have learned to deal with it
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    I've seen this a few times as well - no biggie.
    (I'm sure the issue is TreoHelper - if it really bugs you, take that off, do a reset, and see if it happens.) I'd just blow it off and move on if I were you...
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    More info: The signong on twice only happens with a crash. If I initiate a soft reset it sign on once as it should. I used Filez to export all files and app to memo pad but could not copy it into this reply. Arrrrrrrrhh! clip board limit exceeded! I have ClipPro but that wouldn't let me copy it either. I often pull my hair out trying to copy and paste. Palmone better fix this one quick! Funny, never had clipbooard limit problem with the Treo 300 with OS 3.5. It's a built in feature of OS 5. Thanks Palmone.
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    When ever my Treo600 does a soft reset, it turns the wireless back on if it was on and doesn't if it was off. If it's unsure, it will not turn it on. THis seems to work quite well. THis is an OE function too.

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