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    After exhaustive research I have at last found a way to share and synchronise Palm Desktop databases. Its relatively cheap and works a treat.

    Synchronises multiple users on one pc (you can choose which databases get synced and in which direction) . . . . . PLUS you can see at a glance the 'difference' between the databases and can choose individual records to copy! . .and you can choose to include/exclude private records, categories etc.

    Synchronises multiple users on a LAN! Just install Palm Desktop (and Agendus for Windows if you like) on more than one pc . . . . . . map the drives to a 'central server' and then set up Syncus on each PC to sync with any other users of your choice or everyone can sync with a central user. It even seems to preserve Agendus colours, contact links and icons!

    I have no connection to this Developer . . just thought I would share this knowledge . . . I have been trying to set up sharing of Palm Desktop for ages!

    PS : If you buy this software . . . send the guy a cheque rather tha going through the middle-men . . . . . great software needs encouraged . . . we all benefit.
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    I tried the demo and it works great, though it seems to pop up errors if you have > 6000 contacts. I contacted the developer about this, and he sent me a fix, but still doesn't work on my PC
    Anyone succedded with this and >6000 contacts?

    I know the demo version does not support > 500 contacts, but it's supposed to give you a warning and not crash out!
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    you have more than 6000 contacts? Wow. The developer probably thought it was safe to put a limit at 6000 for some reason . . . . . . I guess you are not the typical user . . . but at least he is trying to help you.


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