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    Is anyone else having a problem with verichat and yahoo I can get msn and aol to work but I get disconected by proxy on yahoo
    I am in las vegas for ces for my treo is my only device
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    Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ work fine for me, it is MSN I can't get to work with verichat. I have tried both login names (just the name and then the Neither work, I have tried customer support at pdaapps and they said theirs is working fine with MSN.
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    does anyone have any ideas what I can do I have removed my yahoo account and re added it
    what to do
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    My understanding is that ALL third-party Yahoo clients (including Chatter and Verichat) aren't working with Yahoo anymore. Basically, Yahoo is up to their old tricks by changing authorization schemes. This will get sorted out, but it might take some time (read days).

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    Why does Yahoo waste their mone on people to do this? It gets fixed pretty quick and doesn't make me switch to using their yahoo messenger program (on my PC)
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    yes, my yahoo has not worked in verichat at all today (01/09)
    rest work fine
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    My yahoo is working fine on verichat.
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    I can't seem to log onto yahoo messenger using chatter, verichat, or trillian on my pc. But the native yahoo messenger on my PC works fine, and I just verified that you can get onto the wap version on the Sprint Treo, so you have that option in a pinch (Vision Home/messaging/instant messaging/yahoo messenger).

    Damn Yahoo! Of all the IM services, I don't understand what they would get out of forcing people to use their native PC client, since they have the least amount of ads on their client compared to AIM, or ICQ, etc.
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    it would be interesting to know:

    1. is your yahoo working through verichat?
    2. when did you last log into verichat (that is, when was the yahoo session really started)?

    I suspect that people who still have yahoo connectivity haven't re-established yahoo connections after yesterday afternoon. That is, they are still logged in through verichats proxy server since before then.
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    Yesterday, I was on Yahoo thru verichat, but then tried to log in as a different Yahoo ID... no dice, and I couldn't log back on with the original ID either.

    This morning, I again logged into yahoo successfully on Verichat, but tried to change users again, and have not been able to get back on since.
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    Same darned problem here. I have been going nuts and it is a friday night. My wife doesnt understand why i care (nor do i really. it isnt like i have that many people to chat with this weekend). it just drives me crazy. can someone explain what happens for us to suddenly lose this? what does yahoo do?
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    I trust people are still not in today?
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    Yahoo changed their authorization scheme yesterday. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $virtually$ $all$ $of$ $the$ $3rd$ $party$ $clients$ ($Jabber$, $gaim$, $Chatter$, $and$ $Verichat$ $certainly$) $are$ $without$ $Yahoo$ $service$ $until$ $code$ $to$ $handle$ $the$ $new$ $scheme$ $is$ $created$.

    Chatter runs on a Jabber server, and Jabber's Yahoo code is descended from gaim. I have no idea what code is used by the Verichat folks. There are people working on the problem (unpaid, open-source type people), but there's no indication thus far of how long it might be until the problem is solved.

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    thanks. that's interesting. how long do they usually take to fix this and does this happen often? a few times a year? would chatter on Jabber make more sense? i am looking at putting my company on this for our treo 600s? thanks much!!!
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    sorry to ask so many questions, but shouldnt the folk at pda-apps be fixing this? i am still in my trial. worth buying?
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    Well, as the author of Chatter, I really shouldn't be making recommendations... There are many threads here about the two products - they are very different in scope, approach, interface, etc... What you should do is get a trial of Chatter (at and see for yourself.

    Regarding how long it takes, that's a tough one. In my experience, it's anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, with the average being days.

    The good news is that there's still AIM, MSN, and ICQ that can be used for IM...

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $pdaapps$ $is$ $the$ $publisher$, $not$ $the$ $creator$ $of$ $Verichat$. $However$, $it$ $might$ $make$ $sense$ $to$ $shoot$ $them$ $an$ $email$ $asking$ $whether$ $they$ $have$ $any$ $additional$ $insight$ $into$ $the$ $problem$.

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    I am having the same problem with YIM on Verichat. Interestingly, My Windows Gaim (v0.74) client still works fine so whatever they did doesn't affect all 3rd party clients.
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    gaim was patched yesterday. If you're working with an older version, chances are that you haven't logged off and tried to log back in recently... ;-)

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    Originally posted by mblank
    gaim was patched yesterday. If you're working with an older version, chances are that you haven't logged off and tried to log back in recently... ;-)

    Actually, I logged off and back on to test Gaim before I posted my previous comment. It works fine. Weird.
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    Yahoo! access from VeriChat is back....

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