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    I have a treo600 and i am currently reveiving my emails using the sprint business connection personal addition. Although I am having trouble with my attachements using the default software that the business connection came with. Basically what i want to be able to do is open an excel doc or word doc with the program i have downloaded (excel quickview or word quickview). When email has an attachemtn the only thing I am able to do is open it in txt form. Also I am working on an exchange server. Can anyone help??


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    Sorry, BC is not capable of trasnferring the attachment to another program. I use Inbox-to-go (in addition to BC) when I need to view attachments as it will open the attachment with Docs-to-go. A lot of people here use Snappermail which I believe will let you open an attachment with Docs-to-go or another program. Sorry but for BC, the text only format is your only option (definitely what I consider to be the biggest flaw with an otherwise good piece of software).
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    I use Snappermail, and it let's you open attachments as x
  4. #4 long as you have the right app to open it (just like on your PC really!) Mobile postings sometimes get cut off...

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