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    Anyone know how I can remap the buttons to make one-handed
    (right hand) browsing easier?

    E.g. I would love to be able to:

    Go to the Previous page by hitting the Calendar button
    (which is to the left of the 5-way Nav Button)
    and go to the next page by hitting the Message button
    (which is to the right).

    Or perhaps use the space bar to go to the previous page.

    Currently I have to hit the "Backspace" button to go to the
    previous page, which is easy with the left hand, but
    is awkward with the right hand.
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    bump bump....
    this would be cool....but it would be cooler if blazer could load the ebay website, just like the picture that is on the box that the treo 600 comes in.
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    I don't think Blazer has the option to remap the keys this way. Avantgo does, and it's really nice!

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