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    I' m using my T600 in the Netherlands. When I try to type the word "wel", a often used word in Dutch, it automatically changes to "We'll". Is there a way to turn off this shortcut? I tried everything, but all i can find is the Shortcut-menu in prefs, and that's not it!!

    help me!

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    It's not ideal (and strictly speaking, doesn't answer your question), but you can scroll back through the "we'll", and delete the "'l" that has been added. Note that in the process of doing this, you get an even more bizarre replacement ("wel'l") at one point, but stick with it, and backspace until all you have left is "wel", and then scroll to the end of the sentence and continue typing as normal.

    Obviously this is not much use if "wel" is used a lot.
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    Yeah, I have been doing that up till now. On my T270 it was even worse, because there was now 5 way-nav! Now at least I can scroll back and forth through the text. Still: if anyone has a solution for this: let me (us) know!

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