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    Hi All!

    I need help. When I make or receive a call on my Treo 600 (GSM), either of these happends:

    1. I get an echo of myself thru the front earpiece or
    2. The other end gets an echo of themselves and of me.

    This happens alot when I'm on the speaker phone function. What bugs me is that I don't get the same experience with other speakerphone capable units.

    Is anybody experiencing the same thing? Is this a "carrier" thing? What can be done to minimize if not eliminate it?

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    This issue has been discussed many times in this forum. Do a search.
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    Yep, if you're a GSM subscriber, then the gripes of wierd echoes, hisses, background noises have been noted and repeated like beating a dead horse. Have you tried your Treo 600 in Europe? Comparing the reception there to here is like comparing night and day. The network in Europe (particularly London area) has excellent gsm coverage. Apparently, the U.S. decided to jump on technology that has been around for over 10 years now.
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