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    I've been using the Handspring Beta Mail App for a few weeks. I've noticed that the mail data file (Email_libr_HsMp_BBFFD07C.pdb) is now 9MB even though I have purged and deleted all messages, sent messages, trashed messages, etc. What is making this file so large?

    I tried deleting the file from my handheld, but the next time I tried to run Mail the account setup screen displayed. So the account prefs are obviously in this file.

    Anyone experience this? have any ideas? 9MB is a big chunk of memory to waste.
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    Maybe once its out of beta it wont be like this? Also at the end of every hotsync it backs up "mail" so I bet its this file...

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    Yeah, I've noticed this bug too. That file seemes to be the database file for an email account. Seems like attachments to and from the email client never really get deleted. You have to periodically delete thecorresponding email account from the Mail app... we talked a bit about it here, but there is no other resolution that I know of.
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    I tried to send Handspring tech support an email documenting this problem (just to make sure they know about it), but can't figure out how to do it on their site. They either direct you to sprint or to pre-sales info.

    Anyone have a tech support address?
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    I sent them an email referring to this post... However the more people that send in the better. You can also request features, and raise other issues.

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