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    I have upgraded my Cingular phone to firmware 3.04 and the suite no longer functions.
    Anyone else have this problem? I have emailed smartphone but so far no responce... and yes... I bought it.

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    how many people will buy this product before trying it? particularly it appears to have many problems.
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    I sent you a responce this AM: Spam Fileter?

    Please send us you new HS SN.
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    Thanks for the email.

    All working now.

    I like the program. Yeah I wish it was $10 instead of $24 but what the heck. I couldn't write it...

    BTW you can deactivate the Mobile to Mobile question in the setup options. Not sure if you just added that, but I know it was a complaint by the reviewer here.

    I like it..
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    Watch out for these crooks at SmartPhoneTools. I purchased SmartPhoneTools for my Treo 600. 18 months later I upgraded to a Treo 650. I deleted all software off of the 600 and attempted to load to 650, it did not work (The tool package is tied to the ESN of the phone). I was told I had to bup another copy so I plunked down the second $20 and purchased a new copy. My Treo 650 failed and was replace by Cingular with a new phone at the local Cingular store. As the ESN now changed, I went back to and asked for replacement. They steadfastly refused and said I had to buy a new copy! Is this any way to run a business?
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    Here is the stated policy.

    Refund Policy

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on any product developed or branded by Developed or branded products carry the logo: branded applications are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. Within the 30 days of the purchase date, if for what ever reason you are not 100% satisfied with any SmartPhoneTools application, just request a refund. We only request that you first contact in an effort to resolve any technical issues you may be having. If you are still not 100% satisfied we will refund the purchase price of the application. All we ask in return is a brief explanation of why the software did not meet your needs.

    Products developed by third party developers have the following restrictions:

    If the product has a demo or trial version there are no returns and no refund given. Because we do not offer any refunds on software that has a trial version. We strongly encourage you to try out the trial or demo version before you buy the product. For products without trial or demo version we offer a our 30 day money back guarantee. Again all we ask is that you contact the Developer for support prior to requesting a return.

    License Transfer Policy branded applications:

    In the event your smart phone or PDA is replaced: The license may be transfer to the replacement device by simply sending a proof of the replacement to or fax it to (206) 600-4407. The paperwork for proof of the replacement must clearly states the date of the replacement, your name and the serial number of the new device. Shipping labels, cash register receipts and repair tickets are all acceptable forms of proof of replacement. Without proof of replacement, a new license must be purchased.

    Non branded applications:

    Please contact the developer of the product listed on the My Software to obtain a replacement license. If you encounter any difficulties in obtaining a replacement license please contact
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    So why did you not just transfer the license both times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartPhoneTools
    We have a new set of tools for the Treo 600

    check out for the details.
    The description and forum chatter make it sound like there is an update with a few more changed/added features, but on the site it says it's at version 1.43T, which is what I already have installed....?
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    1.43T is the current version.


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