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    I finally got a Treo 600. Was browsing the net. Closed browser. Top right corner still shows I'm connected to Sprint.(back and forth arrows). DUMB QUESTION OF THE DAY........... How do I disconnect?

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    You don't. It'll time out after a while. Just move away from the app that was using vision and it'll go dormant (but still show the grey).......

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    Main apps screen, prefs, upper-right corner go to network, disconnect button.
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    I use Trafficstat to monitor my KB usage on the net, and as long as you arent in the process of downloading anything, you dont need to log off or disconnect, as you arent using any kb of data.

    Is there any other reason you would want to disconnect from the net? When you come back the next time to use the net it will save the time of re-connecting.
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    You really don't need to disconnect...hence the "always-on" connection. Anyway, if you really want to, goto to prefs > network > disconnect...
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