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    I don't know if anyone encountered this problem, but my autoshifting stopped working after installing Graffiti 1. I wanted to get Graffiti anywhere to use Graffiti 1 instead. I put in the graffiti 1 files: Graffiti_Library.PRC and Graffiti_Library_enUS.PRC

    Graffiti 1 worked like a charm, but the Autoshifting stopped working. Looking the instructions to remove, I changed the two file names and reset. Upon doing that, My Treo would keep on reseting by it self continously.
    I just decided to hard reset and resync the phone.

    Anyone else come across this problem? would really like to get it working
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    yes, I did. I can live with it. Either write in the middle for cap or use the cap key prc.
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    Thanx alot. Its reassuring that I'm not the only one. I would like to use the keyboard seamlessly with the graffiti, but I think i'd rather get used to using the keyboard as I don't like the hassle of having to shift. I frequetly SMS. For now, i'll live without Graffiti.
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    I see your point, but I am use to hitting the shift key when I use the keyboard. Use the auto key hack/prc that you can either hit the key twice or hold it for a sec to get a cap letter. This will alos help were autoshift will not, like " C U L8tr. Auto shift would not do the cap U, but this app will make it fater and easier and also let you use Graffiti1. I edit way to much MS Word/Excell files to not have Graffiti.

    See if that Cap Key hack/prc will work for you. I emailed the GRaffiti anywhere person and talked to them about the autoshift issues as well as the GA on/off key and the t600 not working well together (the hold time is too pickey) as well as loosing the OPT button function as well. He said he would look into it.

    Perhaps will more requests, it would get done quicker?

    Just my 2 cents, Matt
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    Thanx so much. So far, its not compelling enough for me to use Graffiti yet... It'd just be a plus when the situation comes... I've just uninstalled it. Things seem to be okay now, but I'm not sure. My device also appears to be quite slow after the hard reset.

    ANyhow, I really appreaciate your support. The two button hack is a nice idea. I might look into it. I'll shoot GAnywhere an email too.

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