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    i've discovered that my sd card is really slowing down my t600. whenever I return to the launcher screen, launcher x stalls for a few seconds before showing the icons - it says "scanning..."

    if i pop out the card, it works much faster... before you tell me that it's because I'm cheap and bought a sandisk card (which I am and I did), it was working well as recently last week. I installed a bunch of mapopolis maps on it, but I can't see why that would slow it down. i'm not using more space on the card than i had been as I deleted numerous songs off the card to make room for the maps...........

    any thoughts? it's bugging me to have this delay...
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    You mostly answered your own question without realizing it.

    The songs were in a folder that launcher x didn't need to scan to build its screens. The mapopolis maps (let me guess), are in your launcher folder (on the card). So launcher x has to scan the whole folder, including all the maps, before it builds its display.

    There are two solutions I can think of.

    1) There's a preferences setting in launcher x to control how it scans when you bring it up. It's called App refresh and you probably would be happy with the "Ignore card" setting. Check the manual for more info.

    2) Move your maps to a "mapopolis" folder in the /PALM/Programs/ folder. Mapopolis can still find them, and I don't think launcher x searches that folder when it builds the screens.

    Doing both isn't a bad idea...

    Bill S
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    I performed both of the items in your post and my T600 is working beautifully now!!!!!! Thanks so much.
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