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    I get errors sometimes when I try to delete files from my Treo using Filez. Does anybody else?

    Example: I was trying to delete a file "Bob'sAlarm_Balm_appl_a6" and I get the error "An error prevented the file from being deleted. 539"

    I also get a lot of other errors on random files. Any suggestions?
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    I no longer have Filez, but when I had it, it did give me some errors when attemping to delete. I would do a soft reset, retry and the files would then delete.
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    I don't know if I have it on my computer, but I do have it on my Treo.
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    I believe this is because the file is currently in use by the OS....just like on a desktop often do you have to reboot when uninstalling software?

    I could be wrong...


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