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    I used to use a program called Concourse for my NJ Transit schedules but they have not updated in quite some time and it looks like the company is not supporting it anymore.

    Does anyone know of any other software for NJ Transit train schedules?
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    Been looking myself

    I used to use concorse and they sold there company and stopped suporting NJ transit.

    NJ Transit changes there schedule so often it is hard to keep up with it.

    I used to use Adobe on my prism and I downloaded the PDF file from NJ transit web site and used to carry the schedule with me but Adobe dosent work on my Treo 600 , if it did thats all you gotta do .
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    Not a great solution but -- I also was looking for a way to carry NJ Transit schedules and I ended up building my own. I only cared about the NE Corridor line, and I only cared about round-trip travel between Edison and NY Penn, so it wasn't as difficult -- I did a copy-paste off the HTML schedule, mucked around with some delimiters, and then loaded it into MobileDB. You might be able to do the same by copying and pasting out of the PDF file, as long as you were careful.

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    Would love to have this myself. Just the NE Corr. also.
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    Has anyone on this thread tried Métro? Excellent application and it is free. NJ is not listed, however, this is from their website:

    "If you want to add a new city in Métro 's list or enhance an existing database with new lines, it's really easy. You just have to send us a simple text file containing the complete station list on each line (with some text explanations for branches or one-way sections if applicable). For more accurate results, you can add :

    The lines' operating days & hours
    Line color scheme (web-coded if possible)
    Travel times
    Service frequency
    To add "interesting places", it's just as simple: send us a text file giving the nearest station(s) for each place."

    They have the instructions on their site under "Contribute".

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    What I do is simply to to the NJ Transit Web site and indicate the to and from stations I am interested in. I then copy it and paste it into a memo on the desktop of my PC. It works perfectly and it is easy. You need to have a separate schedule for To NYC and From (your home town).

    I then sync the memo onto my Treo.
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    I'm using documents-to-go to link the pdf off the NJT website and sync it at every sync... then open it with word-to-go...

    works like a charm.
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    Here is my work around... haven't tested it for nj transit site but should work..

    sign up for

    use basic free service, that will sync u to web pages each time you hot sync to pc (while pc is signed on to web) set up basic service then customize.

    copy and paste web you favorite web page for your routes (or anything else on the web you would like to check daily) from nj transit. if you set it up properly, it will update every time you hot sync. and if you have gprs service, you will get live update when you click on .

    when you check options, try to do not check graphics if you do not need them, since you will use up your free 2 mb very quickly

    i use it to get weather 5 day forcast, nytimes, asbury park press, myyahoo,nj lottery , my portfolio as cbsmarketwatch,

    i alway have something to read even when no cell service

    i think you'll find avantgo quite invaluable.

    hope it helps

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