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    I get an "SMS" message, click on the link and get to my Inbox OK. But when I hit reply I'm back to the Short Mail main screen. Anything I click on keeps me there. Hitting Compose, Inbox, Add Name, Settings, or any of my aliases just redraws the same page in Blazer.

    I had it working for 2 days after my battery went dead and I had to restore from backup. I had this problem before my dead battery for 5 days but no problem before that since having my Treo for a couple of months.

    Anyone seeing this problem and know how to fix it??!??
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    Hey pvady,

    I'm having the same problem! No matter what link I choose, it refreshes, or let me say "redrawes", the main page. I contacted Sprint Data Tech Support and they told me to take it in to a store and have them do a "system flash". I'll let ya know what happens.

    Aggravated Sprint Treo 600 User

    P.S. - They said the MO-SMS system should be in place and active on Jan. 22nd. About time!
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    I had the same problem. I had a corrupt cookie file (again). Delete your cookie file and you should be all set.
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    How do you delete that corrupt cookie as I am having the same problem?

    Thanks for the easy, step by step explanation!
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    In Launcher, go to menu > Delete
    and delete the file Web cookies form the phone
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    I deleted the cookie file and all works beautiful! Damn Sprint! I called them numerous times and their so-called "tech support" couldn't figure out that simple solution. Nonstop, maybe they should hire you and give you the big bucks!

    Thanks for the help! Well, now back to web-accessed short mail hell. I still can't wait for mo-sms to be released later this month.
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    OK, I must really be a noob as I can't find the 'web cookie file'

    When you say hit menu after launcher, where is this? As I can't find the file named 'web cookies' anywhere on the unit. Do you mean Blazer Cache??

    BTW - When I went thru this with the Sprint tech guy, he had me delete Blazer. Should I have a Blazer Icon on my screen or is this a problem?
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    I believe that, when you delete blazer, it also deletes the cookies file, as the cookies file is associated with Blazer.

    What I meant before was:
    - go to the launcher (do this by pressing the 'home' key that is between the space bar and the 'menu' key on the keyboard)
    - press the 'menu' key
    - select 'delete' in the drop down menu
    - make sure the 'delete from' (at the tiop of the screen) says 'phone' (if you have a SD memory card, it may say that card's name - in that case, change it to 'phone' by clicking on the card's name)
    - then, in the list of file, you should see a file called 'Web Cookies'

    But, again, if you do not have Blazer anymore, I guess you do not have the 'Web Cookies' file anymore either...

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the step by step....

    I tried it and it was like originally. Apparently, deleting Blazer, deleted the 'web cookies', too. Obviously, I browse with Blazer so it is still present on the TREO.

    What do you think?

    How could I get the 'web cookies' back??

    Actually, how could I get Blazer on my TREO??

    Thanks for your help!!
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    I thought (although not 100% sure) that blazer was in the ROM and that performing a hard reset would restore the program..

    Anyway, I believe balser is available in the handspring web site support section for download (have a look at

    Not sure this helps...

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