(This is on a GSM T600)

I want to replace the dial pad graphics with the nice ones made by Derek Kelly and kept on the Treo 600 Essentials web site. From all I've read, it appears that I can't just add the new phone pad graphics to the PHONExxx_LOGO file in ram (as I did to replace the generic Handspring sign on and sign off graphics with custom T-Mobile graphics).

It looks like I have to actually use a modified PHONE application running in ram instead of the one normally running from ROM.

Is my understanding correct? Is the only way to change the dial pad graphics by changing the resources in the PHONE application you run (rather than have them in a file that the PHONE application in ROM can use)?

If so, I would really rather copy my current PHONE application from ROM (to the SD card, I guess), and modify that (by replacing the appropriate resources), and then copy the modified PHONE back to ram. This is because I am using the 1.09 INT software, and the PHONE application in that may well be a newer version than the PHONE application that comes bundled with the modified phone pad graphics.

Is there a list of what resources must be copied for the dial pad graphics change?

I re-read the threads from eons ago about this, but there were so many changes as people figured it all out (e.g., "hey, when I press the button, the hilight version is wrong", "the transparency is messed up", etc), and there didn't seem to be a concise list of exactly which resources have to be changed). If I missed "the answer", please refer me to a message number!


Bill S

ps I note that the picture on the Treo 600 Essentials site of the skin I want to use has an envelope on key 1; my T600 has the "two reels" on key 1. I've never understood the significance of the indicators on key 1 (maybe because I'm on TMobile and they use SMS to indicate waiting Voicemail?) or why some have an envelope and some have the two reels. If someone wants to explain this to me, I wouldn't mind .