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    Originally posted by markboy08
    I echo the sentiment that having different ringtones for different callers is a must have feature, if it had this feature I would absolutely buy it, without this it is pretty much useless to me because the main reason I use ringtones is to differentiate callers.
    Ditto for me!! Ability to assign different mp3/wav's to different callers would be a killer feature!
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    Originally posted by cookie319

    1. when I play a wav (in the app) and I hit CLOSE, right when the wav finishes playing (there is a slight pause before the pop up dashboard disappears), the device just freezes. need a soft reset.
    I'm having the same problem when I try to play a wav file from the application - I can't up the volume for the wav file because the screen will freeze when I hit close after turning the volume up....would like to get this working before I put down the cash.
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    Playing wave files is just an feature for you to test the files. For ringtones and alarms you do not have to test them.

    just select the sound file for the ringtone and use it.

    just remember to Enable it Lightwav in the Prefs.
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    grim02, can you list down all the applications you have installed on your treo?

    For ,me its,

    I uninstalled any multimedia applications I had (not games though) and it didn't fair any better.
    Anyhow, I've converted my wavs to mp3's so its more stable, however, occassionally, I still have issues with the device soft reseting on its own.
    When a call comes in and I hit ignore.. or if the caller hangs up.. there have been times it just soft resets. I have given up on wavs at the moment. This way, with MP3's I can atleast control the volume.
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    I didn't see this one mentioned... I installed the demo this afternoon, and earlier this evening it said my 7-day trial period had already expired. Also, I had the reset/freeze problems. Had the program worked flawlessly already, I would just buy it. As it is, I would like to play around with it a little more to test stabilty, because I still want this functionality. Any ideas on continuing the demo?
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    another thing i've just noticed is that the latest version of pocket tunes causes a 3-4 second delay between pressing answer and the call actually answering - in fact the screen doesn't even recognise that answer has been pressed until about 3 seconds afterwards!
    i've reverted back to PT v2.1 and it seems to be back to normal again.

    is this a fixable problem or are we going to be unable to use a newer version of pockets tunes if we want mp3 ringers?
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    Any progress on the endless reset loop problem?

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    Download free mp3 ringtones from ldmstudio
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