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    MY unlocked, Cingular T600 broke on 12/24 (screen ceased working). Originally, Handspring said they'd have a replacement unit to me in 5-7 days. Ten days later I called and they said the units were backordered and it would be 2-4 weeks. I'm still waiting. I'm trying to gauge how long its actually going to take. For those of you who needed a replacement unit, how long did it take you to get the replacement?
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    Why should they send you a replacement in 5-7 days when they can sell units to new customers. You're in for a long wait buddy.... they're selling like hotcakes, and Handspring/Palm knows it.

    Take care of your Treos gang at least for the next 6 months!!

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    Me in the same boat! Have bought 2 T600 to replace 2 T270. The 1st one have a screwed 5 ways key and have to be replaced. The 2nd one became crushing all time just when using the phone function (All resets tried already). So now I have to keep the 1st screwed one (phone function OK at least) until the 2nd replacement arrive. This had never been happen to my 2 T270. I suspect T600 is still buggy.
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    Can't speak for Cingular, since I have Sprint, but my ear piece broke on Tuesday evening and I had a new phone waiting for me at the office today.

    36 hours using speaker phone exclusively sucked though.
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    My coworkers T600 came to him with a small screen crack, which grew! He is having a hell of a time trying to get a replacement unit. Sprint Cust Service says he needs to drop another $600 then send the broken one back and they will credit the money back.

    I've told him to contact our companies Corp. Acct. Exec., from whom I ordered my phone. He says the stores won't swap it out because they are all out of stock (FYI: I had a loose speaker in my 1st T600, after one week, and went to the store and swapped it in about 30 min.).

    Any good ideas of how my buddy my get this thing replaced...pronto? He is even paying the $4 a month insurance fee!

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    I am in my treo 600 #3.
    I get charge for the treo they send out and then get credited when they received it. (At no cost since sprint pays for shipping both to and from)

    first treo the headphone jack got screwy and thought i the headphone on (when i did not)
    got the phone the next day

    second treo one of the speakers on the back "blew" and got my treo the very next day. no thanks to the store that wanted me to call every day to see if the had a replacement in the kansas warehouse. i called customer service at sprint.... bam! next day!
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    I also called Customer Service, but after waiting 15 minutes to speak to a live person, then her hanging up on me when she went to ask a supervisor a question, I decided to go to a store near our office.

    After they determined the phone was in fact broken (duh!) they told me that the warehouse was out a refurbs but should have some in a couple of days. (This was after contacting EVERY Sprint store in the greater Houston area, about fifteen, none of which had any in stock.) They put me on a list and told me they would contact me when they could order a replacement. bull.

    When I got out to my car, I call my Sprint Customer Service Rep and asked her if she could pull any strings and get me a phone. She said she would find one and call me back. Bam, twenty minutes later she said she had one on the way, but I missed the ship out time for that day, so I'd have to wait till the following day. No problem.

    BTW, the Sprint Store did call me this morning and said they could ship the refurb. out today. I called them back and told them I'd already received a replacement. So there is at least one additional replacement out there.

    Moral of the story, build a relationship up with your vendors. They can provide the advantage you need.

    Also, my replacement was a FULL phone package (Brand Spanking New). Had the charger, ear bud, everything, which I understand is unusual.

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