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    I searched for this and found nothing.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    When I sync with my Desktop, my phone "quickdial" favorites are reset to the crappy original ones. bleh...this is getting old!

    I'm syncing with the software that came with the T600 and using the regular phone interface on the T600.

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    Did another search...still nothing

    Everytime I hotsync my phone favorites are erased! GRRRRRRRR

    I can't figure it to stop it that is...I can't find anything in palm desktop or chapura (which nothing should be there re that) that says Don't ERASE
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    sounds like something a hard reset may fix. you'll be surprised.
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    I think I fixed it by setting the hot sync to handheld overwrites desktop...which I really didn't wanna do on the System area...but I guess that's what it takes eh?

    Why isn't there a Handheld synchronizes with desktop option down there anyway?

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