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    Ok, i frequently check this discussion board in hopes that someone will have inside info about the Tmobile release for the 600. I haven't seen anything lately which makes me think that everyone has given up. I am close to purchasing the first available unlocked Treo that i can find. Does anyone strongly believe that the Treo 600 will be out on Tmobile this month? If not, where the hell are you gonna get your Treo from. I'm really not trying to switch to AT&T cause of their crappy data plans. Please everyone let me know what you're gonna do. I'd personally like to wait it out, but if this thing doesn't come out soon, i'm going to lose it!
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    There have been a few posts about the T-Mobile release in the US GSM forum as well as this one. The latest rumors seem to point to end of this month or possibly early february if I remember correctly. I'm not switching to someone else unless they can match the $399 upgrade price I'd planned on paying for the T-Mobile version.

    Here is a thread stating that the "business" shipment will be on Jan 12th
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    I believe that new corporate buyers will receive units this month. I have no opinion on whether the handspring upgrade will be available this month.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Right, well thats another thing...the price. I called handspring last night and the only option i have is to buy the $699 cingular branded phone. Theres no way i'm paying this much for the 600. I'd pay $500 at the most. So I guess i'm just gonna have to wait, unless someone else has a better way of getting the treo.

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