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    I bought an Orange locked phone on ebay and Orange do not want to entertain my request for unlock code. Is there anyone at all out there who can do this. I am not hopeful as I have read some extensive threads which go into a black hole.
    Some unlock firms in edinburgh have not even heard of Handspring let alone have unlock codes LOL
    Handspring were just as unhelpful, even after I paid 13 for a one time call to them... easy money for Palmone!
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    orange will do it if you pay the year's line rental up front --- min around 150quid
    There are many people saying it can be done but I do not beleive it yet as the codes supposedly come from them on high...

    good luck finding someone to do it

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    Pay Orange a **** load and they'll unlock it for you. I have to pay them my years contract upfront + admin fee. There ya go - no dead end, just an expensive one - He he!
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    I've just paid Orange UK 600 or $1100 USD to unlock my 2 Treos!
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    A couple of weeks ago i got a quote from a sales rep at Orange UK that they would sell me an unlocked t600 for 420, but when i phoned back today i was told they would never have offered such a deal.
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    I can offer you that deal

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