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    Here is part of the email i recieved from my contact today:

    "Hello All

    Sorry that i didnt get back to many of you as of yet, but the truth i didnt feel that the 12-29- 2003 date will come through. NOW. here is the deal. T-Mobile will get aprox 400 units for the business channel for now ( i have orders for over 500 myself) now since this is the group that contacted me for the most recent news i am giving you the priority over the others. im including 2 different service agreements with this email. Personal liability
    and business liability. please fill out the personal/ business information box and email it back to me ASAP. these units are shipping monday Jan 12th 2004. via 2 day fedex shipping. "

    This I believe was sent to all those that sent email to

    Take it for what its worth :/
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    Excuuuuuse me!

    This latest means that the posts stating the T-Mobile TREO 600 has ALREADY SHIPPED are total lies:


    As such, I'd say the face value of THIS thread is not merely ZERO, but negative.
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    No, there is truth to the message. I have also heard from a contact at T-Mobile that the 12th is the day the corporate supply starts shipping. Hearing it from two independent sources gives me hope!

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    I no longer believe any posts about T-Mobile shipping anything.

    In fact, I think TreoCentral should check the IP addresses of all those posters who have stated same and verify that they are different.
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    I understand the skepticism Seldom, but for what it is worth, I have received the same word from our corporate rep - expect delivery later next week.

    I'm not holding my breath but I also know that the last time the little guy cried wolf there *really* was a wolf - so past performance is not a guide to future results.

    Note to others - this does not mean that T-Mobile will be offering the phone next week at ordinary retail nor that palmOne will be offering the upgrade next week. Those are entirely different issues from whether corporate buyers receive units next week.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Excuuuuuse me!

    This latest means that the posts stating the T-Mobile TREO 600 has ALREADY SHIPPED are total lies:

    I think it would be more honest, and fairer to say that Weebit got a little carried away with enthusiasm. I think he heard, as I did, that the units reached the warehouse that day and Weebit assumed they would immediately ship to customers. So he thought it had been shipped when in reality it was sitting in a warehouse waiting to be "kitted out."

    I think "lie" assumes that he knowingly mislead people. Without talking directly to him, I believe he thought it was true and even had some justification for the assumption.
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    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    I see no need whatsoever to be so charitable.

    Though I'm not going to dig up the posts, there were multiple people stating unequivocably that:

    (1) The TREO 600 had shipped from T-Mobile on a first-come-first-served basis to the first ==200== corporate customers ONLY.

    (2) The T-Mobile rep at whatever phone number had confirmed intimate details about "The Deal".

    (3) now we read above that it's ==400== and "shipping Real Soon Now".

    And all those posts are now exposed to be pure fabrications.

    Why in the world would ANYONE consider the first post in THIS thread to be anything but fantasy? Would you like to dig up all the posts by THAT particular user and see with what accuracy his posts register? (giggle - maybe aI will! Ha ha ha!)

    Again - I think TreoCentral should confirm that all IP addresses used by all these fabricators are distinct.
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    The posts you are referring to turned out ultimately to be incorrect. That is quite different from being fabricated. Fabrication implies being completely made up with the intention of deception. These posters, going on real information, merely stated what they'd been told. There was some truth in the claims, they just ended up not coming to pass (much like all those promises by T-Mobile). No need to be so mean spirited towards them. Channel that anger toward the people actually responsible for the delays.
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    has anyone else noticed the large number of problems posted by other GSM unit users? How about the post just today about cingular halting t600 sales until "a software glitch" is resolved. I don't normally go for paternalistic co-dependent care-taking, but if the germanic perfectionists at T-mobile (read: Deutche telcom) aren't convinced a product is ready for prime time, I'm listening. I don't mind waiting as much as I mind getting something that doesn't work. And shame on Handspring/palmOne for using loyal customers as beta testers!

    May good things come to those who wait

    Peace out.

    ps- seldom, chill out, you're gonna give yourself a coronary
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    Actually not really - I'm just trying to goose TreoCentral into saying SOMETHING officially about all these various GSM TREO 600 stories - they SAY they have/had an inside connection to Handspring/palmOne - okay, DAMN IT! - let's see them USE it!

    We now have stories such as:

    (1) T-Mobile is NOT going to carry the TREO 600 AT ALL - instead they will allow palmOne to sell it via a link from the T-Mobile web site.

    (2) T-Mobile is going to be selling/did sell (giggle) some RIDICULOUSLY SMALL NUMBER of TREO 600s to corporate customers (any corporation worth a warm bucket of spit would buy them ALL).

    (3) Cingular has recalled the TREO 600

    (4) Cingular has cancelled all existing unshipped TREOs and ain't gonna sell no more.

    (5) Others?

    Total commentary from TreoCentral?

    == " "

    Otherwise - this is supreme entertainment...
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    The Treo 600 is still being sold on Cingular's website.
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    We have direct reports from real people who say sales of the TREO 600 at Cingular have been stopped - see the VERY recent thread about this right here in this forum


    (yeah, I tried following the "Buy one" links on Cigular - got ALL the way to final checkout and it BROKE with unable to resolve page error!)

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