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    I've had my Treo for a couple of months now and suddenly there is a dust particle embedded behind the top middle portion of the screen. It's not a dead pixel since it shows even with the screen off.

    Has anyone else had this problem? The particle won't budge no matter how much I shake the phone. I'm afraid I'll be stuck with this annoying speck for the life of the phone.
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    I've got the exact same problem in the exact same location. What an annoynace. I have no idea how a dust particle (or whatever) got in there because I use my case all the time.

    It may be a problem with the touchscreen and not the LCD and that's why it's visible even when the unit is off.
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    same problem but a lot of dust on mine
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    this just happen to my 600. It's in the same place "top middle" about 3 pieces. I constantly find myself trying to brush them of the screen. This must be a flaw if the same thing is showing up on multiple units. Any fix?
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    Short of taking it apart, nope. Having successfully done so with my unit (and successfully putting it back together), I can say I wouldn't recommend it for the inexperienced.
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    I have dust behind the screen as well, but hardly notice it when the screen is on - a contrast thing, I suppose.

    However, I have found that in some cases, tapping the unit against my hand causes some of the pieces to move to the edge of the screen where they are less obvious - after all, they worked their way under the screen in the first place, so they can be worked out.
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    Major dust problem so unit has gone back to Handspring. Dust at the top of the unit inline with the earpiece and about .75 inch down from the top. Size about 5p piece. Same as above posts. Disapppears (almost) when switched on. With a 'flagship' phone you would have expected better quality control. There is a definite space at the top of the screen where dust could theoreticaly enter. Have spoken to A Novo, UK repairers and it would appear to be to early in the phones history to have any feedback on identified problems. Will post outcome. (2 to 3 days I'm told)

    28.01.04 Charge Nurse at The Handspring Hospital says that my Treo has been triaged and is waiting to go into the OR. I am a worried man, will he/she/it survive. I am on antidpressants and suffering withdrawal symptoms. Where is my friend, what day of the week is it, what is the time, where am I...................... I'm going mad !!! send valium fast.

    28.01.04 (late) Charge Nurse Chris has not been to tell us how 600 is and his brother 270 keeps asking me if everything is going to be alright. Will he ever come home? What can I tell him? More valium...........

    29.01.04 All my requests for information have fallen on deaf ears. I don't know whether 600 has fallen of the operating table or what. 270 is bereft. I don't know what to tell him. Valium AND brandy +++

    29.01.04 Charge Nurse Chris has told us very briefly that 600 is still in the OR but that he will give us regular progress reports. Things could be about to get better. 270 has perked up quite a bit at this news.

    31.01.04 600 is back. Bright and shining and as good as new (it is new) Well done to Chris and guys at Handspring Service Centre. A1 service. 270 is no depressed becuase he has to back in his box. Will it never end ..........................
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