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    For those of us who use our Treos as an iPod replacement, this is great news:,pg,1,00.asp

    I'm sure prices will come down soon. I just picked up a 512MB SD card for $100.
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    Great! But.....

    $500 bucks is a bit pricey for me!

    Where did you get your 512MB for $100? Please do tell!
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    Best Buy. It was listed for $169, but they gave $20 instant savings and a $40 rebate by mail. So I guess it was actually $109, but that's still pretty good in my book. I'd bet the 1GB card prices will drop rapidly after it hits stores.
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    Sears was selling 512s for $99 out the door the week after Thanksgiving.
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    That's good news - I have been planning to buy a 512Mb sometime soon, I hopeL
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    ...this will bring the 512Mb cards down a tad... D*mn mobile post cut offs - bl**dy annoying!

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