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    ok...ive gotten this far...Ive downloaded both emulators. The 1.3 looks pretty bad on the treo. How much improvement will the new version bring if i buy it? does it look much better. ALSO, for some reason my rom installer for the gizmo doesnt find the game gear files ive downloaded..and im not sure why...i have figured out how to use the nes installer...anybody have a clue? also, anyone know any legit good sites to download gamegear games? any and all help appreciated. you can email me at or post here. Thanks!
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    Version 1.4 beta of NesEm is much better. They've changed the interface so its the same as the gizmo interface.
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    yes the beta is much better than version 1.3 (the trial version) but still any game where you have to read the text of the game is fairly unplayable. Tetris works and that about all you need haha. I regularly play Tetris, Dr. Mario, the original GOLF, and zelda everyonce in a while, all work fine and are easily playable.

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